Software Development Intern

Software Development San Francisco, California


Software Engineering Intern  


  • Work on a team that builds financial applications.  

  • Work with the engineering team to assist in the implementation and testing of new features, extend the unit testing framework, and improve the continuous delivery process.  

  • This is a hands-on internship with a focus on coding and testing.  

Required Skills:  

  • Working knowledge of Windows or Unix-like operating systems. 

  • Basic programming skills. 

  • Love programming. Passionate about learning new technologies and new skills.  

  • Interest in understanding the full software development life cycle and the responsibility of the software engineer.  

  • Successfully executes on coding tasks within a large project.  

  • Ensures the quality of code checked in through manual and unit testing.  

Desired Skills: 

  • Working knowledge of one or multiple of the following skills: 

    • Any Object Oriented Programming languages: Java, C#, C++, etc.  

    • Any scripting language: JavaScript, Python, Perl, etc.  

    • Any modern web UI framework: React, Angular, Vue, etc.  

    • Any knowledge of reporting frameworks, Analytics/BI tools. 

    • Any knowledge of building service-oriented architecture: rest API, gRPC, microservices, etc. 

    • Any knowledge of building scalable containerization structures using: Docker, Kubernetes, etc. 

    • Any relational database: SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.  

    • Any non-relational database: MongoDB, Couchbase, etc.  

  • Working knowledge of source code control tools: Git, GitHub, SourceTree, etc.  

  • Working knowledge of programming algorithms, data structures, and design patterns. 


  • Majoring in computer science or engineering.