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ATS has a long history of supporting veterans through military hiring. As a company whose active and former military population makes up nearly 16% of the work force, you’ll be surrounded by a supportive community of people who have shared experiences.

Carl Bowman - Master Chief Petty Officer – U.S. Navy, 26 Years of Service

"The structure at ATS is very similar to what it was in the military which made the transition easy. We have a daily schedule that includes meetings, production schedules, and planning for the week and month. Teamwork is a huge part of the job and everyone understands what we have to do to complete our tasks and will go above and beyond to complete it. The corporate office is also filled with veterans and understand the day-to-day grind down on the “deck plates” and are always available to help."

Brendan Roberts - Master Sergeant – U.S. Army, 29 Years of Service

Because there are so many former military at ATS, we’re able to lend our support to each other. One of the technicians I work with was having a hard time with his past deployment so a few of us came together and spent time just listening to him talk about it and were able to help him through it. It’s easier to share those experiences with someone who understands what it’s like. We have a special bond that goes beyond just being co-workers. That support is incredibly important to us.

Your career at ATS will often reflect what you did in the military

If you worked as a diesel technician in the Army, those skills could be used for a job as a Diesel Test Technician for a customer site. If you maintained, ordered, or purchased parts, your next career could be as a Crib Attendant or a Supply Chain Specialist. The specialized skills you gained during your time in the military can turn into a lifelong career.

Why do we hire so many past and current military members? It’s simple: military personnel are some of our organization’s greatest assets.

You are some of the best when it comes to persevering when facing adversity. You crave challenge. You’re great team members but also have the discipline to work alone. You have the hands on skills that are hard to find in a changing work force. Both the direct, hands-on skills and the character traits of those in the military are some of ATS’ most valued resources.

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