Family Attendant - Care Partner

Medical/Healthcare Part Time


Family Attendant Care Partner Provides both personal care (hands-on) and homemaking (non-hands-on) to a family member. The Family Attendant Care Partner is an Adult Family Member or another Individual who is an informal provider of in home care to this family member or individual. Th Family Attendant must be a blood relative to the client.

Primary Job Duties & Responsibilities:
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
Personal Care Duties:
1. Bathing, dressing, grooming caring for hair and oral hygiene that are needed to facilitate treatment or prevent deterioration of the client’s health.
2. Changing the bed linens of an incontinent beneficiary.
3. Shaving, deodorant applications, skin care with lotions and/or powders.
4. Foot care.
5. Feeding.
6. Assistance with toileting.
7. Assistance with ambulation.
8. Use of assistance devices.
9. Changing position in bed.
10. Assistance with transfers.
11. Assistance with simple exercises.
Homemaker/Incidental Duties:
All cleaning task necessary to attain and maintain safe and sanitary living conditions for the client including but not limited to:
1. Remind client to self-administer medication.
2. Companionship and recreational/socialization skill development.
3. Scheduling appointments.
4. Cleaning clients bedroom
5. Cleaning client’s bathroom
6. Chang linens
7. Laundry, including folding.
8. All meal planning, shopping, food preparation, and storage tasks necessary to provide meals that meet the nutritional needs of the client.
9. Laundry task required to maintain the member’s clothing in a clean manner as well as neat in appearance.10. Notifying your supervisor of any change in client’s medical condition or social needs that may occur including daily charting and documentation.
11. Other duties personalized by your supervisor, which are necessary to assist the client in maintaining self-sufficiency i.e. errands.
12. Incidental household work not related to the direct care of the client such as:
•Assist with paying bills
•Writing correspondence
•Scheduling appointments
While providing the Family Attendant Care Partner services, including general household work, you must ensure that incidental household work (i.e. paying bills, scheduling appointments, assisting with correspondence? Does not exceed 20% of the total weekly time worked.
    Current CPR Certification
    Current First Aid Certification
    Direct Care Work (DCW) Certification
*If not already obtained, DCW training and certification will be established with AccentCare.
    Current TB Test (within one year)
    Current Automobile Insurance
    Valid Driver License
    Background Check (driving and conviction record)
    Three (3) letters of reference, one preferably from a past employer. Letters of reference cannot be from a family member.
    Must be able to work in a safe manner without direct supervision
    Must be able to respond to emergency situations in a calm and effective manner
    Must be certified competent by taking mandatory training courses.
    Prefer Care Partner/Caregiver experience in a related field.
Your employment with AccentCare is covered under the Companionship services exemption of the Fair Labor Standards Act.