Working for a cause, and for each other

A team is only as strong as the individuals who create it. That’s why we are as committed to taking care of our employees as they are to achieving groundbreaking work.

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We are humbled by the talent, intelligence, and dedication that exists throughout all levels of our business. Beyond a competitive salary and medical/dental, it’s our privilege to provide our hardworking team with the additional benefits:

Life at 3Degrees

3Degrees’ Business Resource Groups, or BRGs, are similar to employee resource groups but structured to influence the direction of the business as a whole. Through BRGs, employees can grow their experience in new areas and collaborate to impact business decisions.

  • 3D Gives

    Empowers staff to give back to their communities through donations and volunteer work.

  • Sustainability

    Improves 3Degrees’ resource footprint and company-wide sustainability practices.

  • DEI

    Educates 3Degrees staff and advises leadership on diversity, equity, and inclusion in society and in our practices as a company.

  • B Corp

    Engages staff in the B Corp community and connects with stakeholders to improve our collective impact.

  • Ideation & Innovation

    Fosters an open exploration of ideas that can lead to better or new business solutions for 3Degrees.

  • Staff Growth

    Empowers employees with the resources and support to grow personally and professionally.

How We Hire

At 3Degrees, we want every candidate to know what to expect from us in the hiring process. We follow a structured interview process that prioritizes fairness and equity, so it’s fairly predictable, from researching and applying to participating in interviews later in the process.

Want to learn more about what to expect from the 3Degrees Talent Team? Explore our guide for more details on the hiring process. It will help you prepare for every step of the journey to becoming a part of the 3Degrees team.