Why Us

Our Story

360 Behavioral Health is the new name for a family of providers – including California Psychcare (CPC) and Behavior Respite in Action (BRIA) – that deliver exceptional care across the entire lifespan to individuals impacted by autism and other conditions that interfere with daily living.

Our company was founded more than 20 years ago by a husband and wife clinical team who created a high-quality care model focused on providing applied behavior analysis (ABA) and respite services to kids with autism and related disorders.

With the sudden passing of co-founder Dr Ali Sadeghi, his wife and co-founder, Dr. Leili Zarbakhsh, sought out a business partner to help maintain and grow the vision of what she and Dr. Sadeghi created. With the help of a dedicated partner, along with continued engagement with Dr. Zarbakhsh, what she and Dr. Sadeghi established has been transformed into something extraordinary.

Now known as 360 Behavioral Health, we’re a freshly conceived, energetic organization powered by innovative ideas in clinical care – with the support of a proven, successful management team.

Growing beyond kids and autism, we now offer comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate care for a range of behavioral health conditions that touch infants, kids, adolescents, young adults, adults and seniors. But it doesn’t stop there. We also address the needs of parents and siblings whose lives are impacted by the conditions their loved one faces.

Our Commitment

In addition to building out the highest quality network of clinicians and clinical programs, we are committed to providing families a lifelong partnership for those touched by autism and other conditions that interfere with daily living.

We strongly believe that everyone should receive the care they need – regardless of age or severity – and that no parent should ever have to worry about what will happen to their child across that child’s lifespan. Under our model of CARE FOR LIFE, nobody gets left behind and no one falls through the cracks.

Our Mission, Vision & Values




    Our vision points to our future and where we aspire to be. It addresses what we believe is possible.

    To be the leading provider of compassionate, comprehensive behavioral and mental healthcare for life.

    Our mission describes what we do and how we do it and identifies the benefits we deliver from our endeavors. Our mission describes us in the present, describes our purpose, and is the “true north” that points us to our future.

    To create meaningful change through coordinated behavioral and mental healthcare.

    Our values define the boundaries and characteristics that guide our organization and all its pursuits. They can never be compromised and we’re willing to pay a price to uphold them.

    • Integrity

    We have a devotion to be good and honorable. We hold true to our word and hold ourselves to the highest standard of character in self and with respect for others.

    • Quality

    We strive for superior outcomes in our clinical, business and professional acumen. We do this on behalf of ourselves, our peers, our patients and their families.

    • Service Excellence

    Every day we put forth our best efforts to ensure our behaviors, actions and results are aligned in delivering to those who need our services and our support.

    • Accountability

    We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We assume a personal responsibility for our actions and take a positive approach to people and solutions.

    • Respect

    We value our self-worth and all those we are fortunate enough to encounter. We treat all with kindness and dignity.

    • Teamwork

    We understand the power of individuals coming together to find a solution or to better our experience. We provide opportunity for everyone on the team to share their voice and their actions.

    • Balance

    We care for ourselves first, so we have the energy to care for others. We pursue health, happiness, and meaning – in work and personal life.


Competitive compensation

Medical / Dental / Vision benefits

Holiday Pay / Paid time off (PTO)

Robust in-house training

Part or full-time hours

Continuous growth & advancement

Our Family of Providers



    Behavior Respite in Action

    Behavior Respite in Action (BRIA) has been serving individuals and families since 1999. The agency individualizes its services to meet the family’s unique needs through our various programs. We provide families with temporary relief to parents and/or support their children at home and in the community.

    Behavior Respite in Action supports most Regional Centers throughout Southern and Central California. Our services are also available via private pay.

    California Psychcare

    California Psychcare (CPC) has been a leading provider of ABA-based services since 1997.

    California Psychcare supports most Regional Centers throughout Southern and Central California, as well as most health plans.