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Clinical Support

Clinical Leadership

Center-Based Administration

Corporate-Based Professional & Administrative

Corporate Leadership

    As a clinician, you can be proud to offer best in class services that make us a leader in the industry. Our clinicians work hand in hand with our patients and their families to ensure we deliver compassionate, high quality care.

    Some examples of Clinical roles include:

    • Board Certified Behavior Analyst – BCBA
    • Clinical Supervisor

    We offer clinical support roles that fit your schedule and your career path needs. Your role involves working alongside our clinicians and providing compassionate, high quality care to the patients and families we serve.

    Some examples of Clinical Support roles include:

    • Behavior Interventionist
    • Direct Support Professional / Behavior Respite Consultant
    • Program Coordinator

    At the heart of every one of our treatment centers is an excellent support system. As a part of this team, you are responsible for administrative functions that continue to make us a best in class organization.

    Some examples of Center-Based Administrative roles include:

    • Office Manager
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Staffing Coordinator
    • Branch Manager

    As a part of our corporate-based professional and administrative team, you provide support to over 20 different treatment centers across Central and Southern California. This team is a key ingredient to the overall success of our company and its family of providers.

    Some examples of Corporate-Based Professional and Administrative roles include:

    • HR Assistant
    • Medical Biller
    • Data Entry Clerk
    • Registration Coordinator
    • Accountant

    The heartbeat of our company starts with our leaders. As a part of this elite team, you are a leading example of our values, align others to our vision and drive our mission.

    Some examples of Corporate Leadership roles include:

    • Director of Human Resources
    • Director of Revenue Cycle
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Chief Financial Officer

    As a leader in our organization, you are a local and organizational example of our mission, vision, and values.

    Some examples of Clinical Leadership roles include:

    • Regional Director of Clinical Services
    • Director of Clinical Services
    • Assistant Director of Clinical Services
    • Regional Manager