UX Front End Developer

Design Studio Greensboro, North Carolina


XDIN subsidiary of ALTEN Group, includes 500 employees dedicated to the automotive engineering development. ALTEN is a Leader in Engineering & Information Technology system, and operates in over 21 countries (Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Middle East) with more than 28,000 employees of which 88% are engineers.


At XDIN, we are always looking for world-class talent to lead our global teams through commitment and dedication to our OEM and Tier I clients. We believe in quality support from concept through production, and delivering the best customer experience while at the same time attaining a great place to work!


XDIN Offers


  • Competitive wages, BOE.
  • Major health, dental insurance benefits and vision savings plan. 401k, and basic life.
  • Supplemental benefits such as short-term disability, accident, cancer and life insurance.
  • Paid company holidays and earned time off.

We place a high value on thought leadership. We want every employee to develop all the skills required to become an engineering and technology thought leader; contributing to the knowledge assets of our team and our clients. From day one, every consultant is trained and mentored to elevate their careers.



  • Ability to write custom code and integrate third party development
  • Effectively evaluate and appropriately integrate development frameworks
  • Strong understanding of relational and non‐relational database best practices
  •  Strong understanding of Object‐Oriented Programming concepts
  • Strong understanding for programming design patterns
  • Strong ability to develop API Architectures that are flexible and scalable
  • Understand how to build across multiple platforms and devices
  • Clear understanding of Adaptive and Responsive Design methodologies
  •  Able to layout application structure and how to present it to the user
  • Understand how to guide users through complex tasks or complex information
  •  Able to present and interact with complex data
  •  Be able to evaluate an emerging trend to see if it is worth following or adopting
  • Ability to recognize, evaluate, and solve user’s pain points
  • Be able to document, evaluate, and design information architecture
  •  Strong understanding of how the interaction models affects the design
  • Understand the importance of good Information Architecture and its impact on the build
  • Know limitations and strengths of different devices


  • HTML / CSS – web development skillset essential
  • JavaScript– functional development
  • Database – relational and non‐relational database best practices
  • Development Frameworks – common functionality and understanding limitations of them
  • Preprocessing – increasing flexibility
  •  Version Control – tracking and controlling changes to source code
  • Adaptive & Responsive Design – designing for multiple devices and touch points
  • Testing / Debugging – ensuring software is functioning according to design
  • Development Tools – testing within the end environment
  •  Build, Automation, & Performance – optimization of code and images to increase performance
  • Command Line Coding – getting into the details when a GUI does provide what is needed
  • Collaboration – working with multiple teams and people from across the company
  • Communication – ability to get ideas across through public speaking and presentations
  • UX Writing – documentation and clear writing for getting ideas across
  •  Interaction Design – understanding of how users will interact with your design [A short list of the most essential requirements such as degree, min. years of experience].


The Location: This opportunity is based in Greensboro, NC.