Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering Hagerstown, Maryland


XDIN subsidiary of ALTEN Group, includes 500 employees dedicated to the automotive engineering development. ALTEN is a Leader in Engineering & Information Technology system, and operates in over 21 countries (Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Middle East) with more than 28,000 employees of which 88% are engineers.


At XDIN, we are always looking for world-class talent to lead our global teams through commitment and dedication to our OEM and Tier I clients. We believe in quality support from concept through production, and delivering the best customer experience while at the same time attaining a great place to work!


XDIN Offers

  •  Competitive wages, BOE.
  • Major health, dental insurance benefits and vision savings plan. 401k, and basic life.
  • Supplemental benefits such as short-term disability, accident, cancer and life insurance.
  • Paid company holidays and earned time off.

We place a high value on thought leadership. We want every employee to develop all the skills required to become an engineering and technology thought leader; contributing to the knowledge assets of our team and our clients. From day one, every consultant is trained and mentored to elevate their careers.


  • Direct, develop and evaluate plans for a variety of projects and activities to be carried out by designers, mechanics, technicians or other engineers. Engineering to include support of Production, Remanufacturing, and Aftermarket.

  • Provide technical guidance and expertise to the project group and ensure deadlines are met.

  • Prepare and estimate program costs for management and maintain costs within established budgets.

  • Receives instructions on specific assignments, objectives, complex features, and possible solutions. Assistance is provided on unusual problems and work is reviewed for application of sound professional judgment.

  • Analyze component parts and assemblies to determine the best course of action required to resolve actual or potential problems and to implement cost-effective solutions as required.

  •  Plan time schedules to meet project deadlines. Makes decisions on type of testing, arranges for and conducts tests and interprets results. Perform calculations using the latest analytical methods in support of test and design. Issue written and oral reports.

  •  Meet with Sales, Projects, and Engineering personnel of vendors in order to set down specifications to be supplied. This may require on-sight visitation. Conceive new products in consultation with global colleagues and vendors and apply the general usage of vendor products in applicable product lines.

  • Perform other engineering duties as assigned.



  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering or related field with a minimum of five years of experience in mechanical development. Heavy or medium-duty diesel engine development a plus.

  • Deep understanding of the physical behavior of the engine mechanical and fluid systems and their connection to the surrounding areas.

  • Teamwork: Building cooperation among individuals and departments, sharing information and resources, and working to achieve group goals and outcomes.

  • Communication: Listening effectively, transmitting information accurately and understandably, and actively seeking feedback non-defensively.

  • Customer Focus: Understanding and meeting the needs of customers and addressing the interests and concerns of all organization stakeholders.

  • Flexibility: Performing a wide range of tasks, responding to changes in direction and priorities, and accepting new challenges, responsibilities and assignments.

  • Ownership / Accountability: Taking the lead in getting the job done and accepting responsibility for personal actions, costs and results.

  • Safety Practices: Acting as necessary with safe operations as a central focus and striving to create a safe work environment.

  • Analytical Skills: Recognizing patterns in data, information, or events, drawing logical conclusions, and making recommendations for action.

  • Attention to Detail: Monitoring adherence to standards and actively checking for accuracy of data received or generated before passing it on.

  • Problem Solving/Decision Making: Taking a well-ordered approach to solving problems and acting despite obstacles or resistance.

  • Technical/Functional Expertise: Demonstrating broad, in-depth, and up-to-date knowledge of pertinent technical, business and professional fields.

  • Initiative: Taking action in the absence of specific instructions or in the absence of a specific requirement, taking reasonable risks to achieve results, and persevering when challenged.

  • Quality Advocate: Championing the quality process by reinforcing the organization’s vision, quality values, and quality processes and by fostering the continuous improvement of all operational and business practices.

  • Dependability/Reliability: Following through on commitments, producing timely work to required – or higher – standards, and pitching in to get the job done.

The Location: This opportunity is based in Hagerstown, MD