Project Geoscientist

Science Concord, New Hampshire


The Project Geologist is responsible for the planning and execution of the technical aspects of a project within established schedule and budget constraints.  Supervision will be provided by a combination of Project Manager or Technical Manager, as appropriate for any individual project.  Also included is the responsibility for participating in training staff in technical topics.  Under the operational supervision of a Resource Manager and Technical Director, the position of the Project Geologist is a preparatory step into the position of Senior Geologist. 

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree in Geology or a closely-related field plus five (5) years of experience or Master’s Degree plus three (3) years of experience
  • Experience must include one (1) year in planning/leading field activities and assisting in scoping projects:
  • Proficient in logging soils and bedrock in a variety of geologic settings
  • Proficient in oversight of drilling subcontractors for the purposes of soil sampling and monitoring well installation
  • Demonstrated ability to compile and interpret geologic information into a comprehensive Site Conceptual Model, including preparation or geologic cross-sections and contour maps 
  • Demonstrate technical competence and willingness to instruct junior staff in areas of specialization.
  • Demonstrate ability to plan, organize, manage, and lead a field project.
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively by speech and writing to individuals and large group of peers, staff, supervisors, vendors, and clients.
  • Demonstrate dedication to fostering ethical conduct and professionalism.
  • Demonstrate ability to work well as a team member and leader.
  • Demonstrate ability to make timely and effective decisions.
  • Demonstrate ability to interact with clients to solve problems and provide value-added service.
  • Demonstrate ability to work and complete assignments with minimal supervision.

Expected Outcomes

  • Establish a project leadership style that promotes efficient, high-quality and timely execution of all assigned tasks.
  • Provide supervision and guidance to assigned junior staff regarding performance of specific project tasks.
  • Participate in training programs for junior staff involving technical topics and project execution/management topics.
  • Provide input to Resource Manager for staff promotions, transfers, and performance appraisals.
  • Maintain good working relationships with personnel in other departments and offices to foster internal corporate communications.
  • Interview and make informed recommendations on new hires.
  • Monitor staff performance on specific project tasks.
  • Communicate all project related performance issues to the appropriate manager.
  • Maintain personal schedule to fulfill utilization goals as directed by Resource Manager.
  • Be aware of budget and schedule on assigned projects and work with Project Manager to complete project within budget and on schedule.
  • Prepare technical reports and proposals as requested by the Project Manager.
  • Ensure compliance with technical project specifications and standard operating procedures defined in the project work scope.
  • Coordinate project staffing needs with Project Manager and Resource Manager.
  • Compile specifications and procure subcontractors in coordination with the Project Manager.
  • Interpret data, draft segments of technical reports, and assist developing recommendations for clients.
  • Monitor financial project performance, including the performance of subcontractors, when assigned the responsibility of task or project leader.
  • Organize and execute projects according to proposed scope of work.
  • Participate in project discussions with client, regulators, other departments and offices.
  • Author reports which will include data interpretations and conclusions.  Participate in developing report recommendations.
  • Provide Technical Leadership
  • Clearly document activities involved in assigned tasks in accordance with established project plans and department/division, QA/QC plan.
  • Actively continue professional technical education and society membership.
  • Solve technical problems on projects with appropriate assistance from senior staff.
  • Identify new technologies and techniques and evaluate their applicability and potential benefits for the company.