Start changing lives with us.

Why Our Team Loves Working at Weight Watchers

Our goal is to help people change their relationship with food for good, and that mission drives our day-to-day lives in our Meeting Rooms. Have you demonstrated and maintained success on the Weight Watchers program*? Do you want to help others achieve their personal goals? Are you ready for the satisfaction of working for a mission-driven company? Then we want to hear from you!

With our Personal Coaching experience, 24/7 Expert Chat (real-time, online support on mobile and our site), 700 meeting locations across the country and comprehensive apps to help our Members stay on track, we are experts when it comes to behavior change and weight loss.

So how are we different? Weight Watchers works because we understand people and how their brains work. We know losing weight is hard. We all live in the real world, and the real world is… complex. That’s why we combine a weight-loss plan with customized support to help with the tricky parts.

We take great pride in improving people’s lives and helping to make the world a healthier place. Doing good feels really, really good.

Join Our Team

We are currently accepting applications from talented, passionate individuals who can support our Members on their personal journeys in the Weight Watchers Meeting Room as Receptionists and Leaders.

By being a part of our Meeting Room team, you’ll receive the following:

  • Intensive onboarding and ongoing training to ensure you’re able to motivate and inspire our valued members
  • Ongoing support in your own weight maintenance and in achieving your own personal goals, as well as access to complimentary meetings and discounts on selected products

*To be eligible for employment consideration, you must have lost 10% of your starting weight if program joining weight was above the top of the healthy BMI range (or at least 5 pounds if joining weight was within the healthy BMI range) on the Weight Watchers program, and maintain that minimum weight loss with the Weight Watchers program for 12 weeks.

Our values

Weight Watchers is unique in that our teammates are also our members. As a member, an applicant, and a prospective staff member, we aim to deliver to you our Service Vision: to be Cared For, Part of the Group, Well Informed, Motivated To Succeed.

If you think working as part of the Weight Watchers meeting room team is right for you, find your region below and click to submit an application.