We inspire healthy habits for real life.*

*For people, families, communities, the world - for everyone.

About Us

Not every company can claim it deeply impacts the lives of millions. We can. For years, we've inspired people to come together and begin a journey of positive, lasting change. We inspire healthy habits for real life. For people, families, communities, the world - for everyone. We are a purpose-driven organization: we know our members and meet them where they are; we help them build powerful habits rooted in science; we enable our members to find and form inspired communities. We take great pride in delivering personalized services, improving the lives of others, and in making the world a healthier place.

How do we do this? For the past 54 years, we've provided a weekly foundational community-building experience for our in-person members, in our Weight Watchers meeting rooms across the globe. A Weight Watchers meeting is a weekly discussion group focused on helping our members navigate all stages of their health and weight-loss journey, by leveraging guided conversation, peer-to-peer connections, and the power of non-judgmental support.

First, our inspiring Weight Watchers Customer Service teammates (we call them "Receptionists") greet everyone who enters our doors with a smile! They provide a confidential weigh-in to help members chart their progress. They ask probing questions to help members determine their next steps and goals. They warmly welcome brand-new members and enroll them. They also actively listen to members' needs, and provide assistance in selecting, recommending, and selling the tools we have for purchase in the meeting room environment. Everything from cookbooks to kitchen gadgets to snacks is available to help our members succeed. Weight Watchers Receptionists excel at one-on-one, personalized interactions and customer service.

After members visit with the Receptionist, they join each other in the meeting room with their engaging Weight Watchers Facilitator (we call this facilitator a "Leader"). The Leader facilitates a 30-40 minute group discussion, using questioning and listening skills, around a selected topic. Members share their weight and lifestyle victories, open up about their challenges, and encourage each other. In addition to providing the same excellent customer service we expect of our Receptionists, Leaders create and manage an atmosphere of unconditional support, and are known for their authenticity and ability to motivate people both as a group and in personal interactions.

Our members leave their weekly meetings inspired and prepared to succeed and eager to return next week! To see more about a meeting, click here

Are you ready to have an impact? Here is your opportunity to inspire healthy habits for real life, while honing your own skills at a highly mission-driven and customer-focused organization. We will provide you with all the tools and training you need to become a Weight Watchers expert. Plus, our flexible work schedule that helps you manage a healthy work/life balance as you maintain your own wellness too!

Join Our Team

We are currently accepting applications from talented, passionate individuals who can support our Members on their personal journeys in the Weight Watchers Meeting Room as Receptionists and Leaders.

By being a part of our Meeting Room team, you'll receive the following:

  • Intensive onboarding and ongoing training to ensure you're able to motivate and inspire our valued members
  • Ongoing support in your own weight maintenance and in achieving your own personal goals, as well as access to complimentary meetings and discounts on selected products

*To be eligible for employment consideration, you must have lost 10% of your starting weight if program joining weight was above the top of the healthy BMI range (or at least 5 pounds if joining weight was within the healthy BMI range) on the Weight Watchers program, and maintain that minimum weight loss with the Weight Watchers program for 12 weeks.

Our values

At Weight Watchers, we inspire healthy habits for real life. For people, families, communities, the world- for everyone. We meet our members where they are and leverage the latest nutritional and behavioral science to help them eat healthier, move more, and shift their mindset. We are a global purpose-driven organization and we understand how to create community and deliver personalized services to help our members throughout every step of their journey.

We have more than 50 years of history and trust to build on, and we are leveraging technology, community, and behavior science to help more people around the world reach their goals. Our approach is science-based and evidence proven to help people lose weight and develop healthy habits to live life fully. If being part of a purpose-driven, member-focused, high-performing digital culture sounds exciting to you, we invite you to explore our open positions.