Learning Associate (Opening for 2021-2022)

2021-2022 Immediate Openings Nashville, Tennessee


Valor Collegiate Academies is hiring a full-time Learning Associate to provide on-site supervision and instruction for Valor's full-time instructional staff who have extended absences due to quarantine and/or Covid. A Learning Associate is most similar to a long-term instructional support person or a Guest Educator. 

Learning Associates will supervise a group of up to 35 students who are doing their work at school while a teacher or instructional leadership person is in quarantine. Learning Associates will not be responsible for planning lessons or evaluating student work, as that will be a responsibility held by teachers. Instructional materials will be provided for lessons that Learning Associates will deliver to their class. In turn, Learning Associates will be responsible for creating a calm, safe, and structured environment where students can engage in and complete their learning every day. 

Learning Associates will likely be assigned to support a specific grade level and content area for 5-15 school days at a time and are expected to monitor and supervise between 25-35 students in each class. In addition to supervising learning activities, Learning Associates will supervise lunch and recess breaks and communicate with families as needed.

Hours for this role are Monday-Friday from 7:30-4:00pm, and on Wednesdays, Learning Associates must be available to attend faculty Circle from 4:00-5:00pm.


  • As a Learning Associate (long-term, in-house Guest Educator), deliver lessons to a class of students
  • Enforce social distancing measures and mask requirements for students
  • Enforce, uphold, and exhibit the school's values, student behavior management policies, and culture.
  • Fill in to support with needed school-based duties (e.g lunch/recess monitoring or arrival/dismissal duties).
  • Provide basic tech support and escalate more challenging tech support issues to the Operations team.
  • Track, manage, and input daily student behavior and engagement feedback to share with Student Support Team and leader teachers.
  • Respond to students’ behavior progress in real-time with recommended interventions based on Valor’s behavior framework.
  • Participate in faculty Circle once a week (Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 p.m.)


  • You have employment experience in a school-based role or have K-12 teaching experience
  • At a minimum, you have either (1) completed two years of study at an institution of higher education, or (2) obtained an Associate’s or higher degree
  • You are flexible and a team player, willing to support in various content areas across the middle school and high school grades (5-12)
  • You feel confident in your ability to manage and keep students on track academically 
  • You are a quick learner and have the ability to learn new tech systems and online platforms quickly  
  • You are self-aware and self-reflective with a strong desire to continuously grow professionally and personally
  • You have a growth mindset and are quick to incorporate feedback into your daily practice 
  • You have the ability to set and reach ambitious goals, and can handle the intensity required to thrive in a high-performing, fast-paced school environment
  • You have the passion and commitment to serve an ethnically & economically diverse student body
  • You have the ability to model, live, and reinforce the school’s core values, norms, and policies
  • You enjoy cultivating relationships with students, families, and staff to create a positive school environment


  • Must be available to be on-campus Monday-Friday from 7:30-4:00pm. On Wednesdays, must be available to attend faculty Circle from 4:00-5:00pm.
  • This is a position only for the current school year, with an immediate start date in December/Janaury through May 2022. 
WHO WE AREValor Collegiate Academies is a high-performing charter school network with a mission to empower our diverse community to live inspired and purposeful lives. Our scholars will graduate with academic skills, social-emotional skills, and positive character strengths that rival the outcomes of the best schools in the world.

At Valor, we believe that we can have the greatest impact on our community by committing to 4 key organizational anchors: 

  • Top 1% AcademicsWe are passionate about meeting every scholar where they are – whether that is behind or above grade level – and supporting them to grow and excel. We define Top 1% Academics to mean that we strive to consistently be in the top 5% in the State of TN for both academic achievement and growth. All three Valor schools were recognized as Tennessee Reward Schools in the 2018-2019 school year.
  • Powered by Compass:  We believe that in order to live inspired and purposeful lives we must focus on comprehensive human development. The Valor Compass, our nationally recognized comprehensive human development program, is designed to help scholars develop sharp minds as they strengthen their big hearts. 
  • Thrive in a Diverse World: Valor was founded upon the belief that having a truly diverse community of families and learners in a thoughtfully designed model allows for everyone to have a higher quality and more meaningful experience. Our scholars and staff members come from various walks of life, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and home lives from within Davidson County.
  • Built to Last: We believe that being built to last means having strong, long-term operational infrastructure. This is largely driven in part by having talented people and keeping that talent at Valor. We believe in making the work we do sustainable, by providing our faculty high-quality coaching, development, and support. 
Valor Collegiate Academies is an equal opportunity employer. We seek applicants of diverse backgrounds and hire without regard to color, gender, religion, national origin, citizenship, disability, age, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law. Candidates are evaluated solely on their qualifications to perform the work required.

Pending any additional guidance from the CDC, or any legal guidance from the courts, we strongly encourage that all faculty members get vaccinated in the spirit of keeping ourselves and others safe.