Fitness Center Pool Manager

Aquatics Staff Bronx, New York


Position Summary:
Responsibilities include but are not limited to enforcing company policies and procedures, which ensure efficient and effective operations of the aquatic facility including personnel management and water safety training. Duties include all facility operations, including first aid, shifts & rotations, scheduling staff, public relations, hospitality application, cleaning duties enforced, limited facility maintenance including daily chemical analysis/testing, promotion of swim lessons & aquatic programs, and all other duties as necessary or required. This position must have a passion for water safety and have excellent organizational, communication, and public relation skills. This is a working management position requiring weekend and holiday work.

Certifications Required:
CPO/AFO, LMC, LGT, CPR/AED, BPT & First Aid (Must provide a letter of recommendation of hire from a Pastor, Teacher or Former Employer.)

Age & Hour Requirements:
18 years old or older as of June 10. Min of 32 hours per week & 380 total hours in a summer swim season. Min 128 hours per month & 1500 total hours per swim year for a year round facility.

Prefer candidates with significant knowledge in water safety and aquatic & pool management operations. Training equivalent to a high school diploma required. General management experience preferred.

The ability to follow company policies & procedures and to concentrate on tasks in the presence of distractions. Be able to understand & follow instructions. Must have the ability to provide instructions to staff under his/her supervision and have excellent organizational, public relation, oral & written communication skills. Position will be trained to operate equipment properly.

Problem Solving:
Problem solving is a factor in this position. The manager will encounter staff, patrons and customer problems and must be able to answer questions & concerns to those who may not agree with company or facility policies & procedures.

Decision-making is a factor in this position. The manager will make decisions concerning staff schedules, supplies needed, discipline of patrons & staff, prioritizing daily work assignments, and performing daily duties in the most efficient manner.

The manager is responsible for limited budget control of the company and customer. The manager will not participate in the annual facility budget process. The enforcement of the company’s training, water safety programs, active lifeguarding, customer service, hospitality reinforcement, and other related policies and procedures will be required at all times. Reporting information & duties on the company’s management software program is expected to be done daily closely managed.

The account rep & field support staff will provide supervision & job related decision management.

Personal Relations:
Daily contact with patrons/members, co-workers, supervisory personnel and other departments in the company are expected as well as occasional contact with the customer or advisory board.

Work Examples: (Essential Functions)
• Enforce “Active Lifeguarding” at all times
o 5 Minute scanning rule
o Touch-supervision
o 20 minute staff rotations
o Buddy System
o Provide monthly LG safety trainings
• Enforce & record swim test
o Post swim test sign
o Enforce company’s swim test policy
o Provide (green) water safe wrist bands
o Enforce USCG lifejacket to non-swimmers
o Enforce Touch-supervision
• Promote water safety by promoting learn to swim classes & CPR classes
• Receive & install company’s “opening package” at facility
• Administer monthly LG audits & record results
• Perform a “soft-opening” prior to facility’s opening date
• Provide “on-site” training at facility with all staff prior to them starting
• Schedule staff weekly according to companies scheduling policy
• Injecting & Recording Chemicals for proper water chemistry
• Assist company by enlisting new LG candidates
• Insure staff is not scheduled more than their assigned levels
• Report hours, days & times worked by all staff
• Provide training for daily duties
• Record hourly bathing load & number of patrons/members at facility
• Direct any moneys collected to the appropriate location for deposit
• Insure proper operating conditions at facility
• Insure proper conditions of parts & equipment at facility
• Provide any first-aid needed at facility
• Maintain staff rotations & hourly water safety breaks
• Maintain discipline at the facility & ensure staff enforces facility’s rules
• Enforce company’s rules & regulations to staff & patrons/members
• Maintain a positive attitude and public relations at all times
• Document all reports on company’s management software
• Maintain a clean and organized aquatic facility at all times
• Set a positive example for the rest of the staff to follow
• Inform company when supplies are needed
• Implement company’s CAP package at facility for kids and patrons/members
• Make sure facility is secure when operations are closed
• Attend any required meeting on behalf of the company (if needed)
• Other duties as deemed necessary or as required