Customer & Credit Services Rep – Capitol Christian Music Group

Business Strategy & Operations Brentwood, Tennessee Req. UMG-1353


This team role is the focal point for the company’s customer service, credit and accounts receivable relationships with individual and church Brentwood Benson customers. The role ultimately helps maximize company profits through effective balance of credit risks and reward, proactive accounts receivable collection and providing customers with delightful service.

Job Functions:

  • Provide excellent, no-hassle and timely service to customers
  • Collaborate in comprehensive customer relationship management with sales and team members
  • Resolve order, billing, and payment disputes and reconcile account discrepancies
  • Maintain high level of collection performance on an assigned portfolio of customer accounts
  • Assess credit worthiness and approve credit limits to $3,000 and make recommendation for higher amounts
  • Timely follow-up on customer payment and other commitments
  • Resolve promptly credit-held orders
  • Administer choral club subscription collection and cancelations
  • Administer tax exemption certificates, validation of certificates received, organize campaigns for missing and expired ^
  • Administer account aging spreadsheet tools for the Credit Services team ^
  • Administer customer past due notices for the Credit Services team ^
  • Administer for Credit Services the day-to-day outsourced invoice and statement print and mail services ^
  • Apply customer payments in shared responsibility with other team members
  • Understand the customer’s situation and needs, propose services and solutions to match
  • Develop and nurture professional relationships with customers and sales representatives
  • Comply with company policies and procedures, explore and suggest modification(s)
  • Demonstrate team-player, can-do and solutions-oriented attitudes
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned

^ Two team members with this role, these functions assigned to one or the other although cross-training required for absences

Physical Demands:

  • Regularly required to sit
  • Requires motor skills to operate a keyboard and basic office equipment
  • Occasionally required to stand and walk
  • Ability to communicate over the phone and in person
  • Occasionally required to lift up to 25lbs
  • May require infrequent travel

Job Requirements:


  • Excellent oral (especially telephone) and written communication skills
  • Decision making skills—the ability to quickly and confidently make decisions
  • Ability to work quickly with good organization skills to prioritize work in a fast-moving environment
  • Persona suited toward functions balanced with customer service orientation, the desire to meet the customer’s need and be comfortably assertive at the same time
  • Situational intuition and conflict resolution
  • Numbers and math aptitude, although this is not a heavy number crunching job
  • Adequate proficiency with Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word applications, generally adaptive to all applications
  • Problem solver


  • Five years applicable work experience (may be substituted by bachelor’s degree)


  • Bachelor’s degree desirable with major or emphasis in related field of study

Universal Music Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


This job description only provides an overview of job responsibilities that are subject to change.