Associate Manager, Business & Affairs Administration

Legal New York, New York Req. UMG-1535


This role supports a new business process at UMG where all deal operating parameters and rights provisions are authoritatively established in a single system of record that is designed to flow these parameters to downstream commercial teams that need to know what we can and cannot do with our content.  There are significant expected benefits in both servicing revenue opportunities as well as improving downstream efficiencies in many areas.

Job Functions:

Work daily with the East Coast Labels Business Affairs and A&R Admin to identify and obtain deals that impact our repertoire (artist, producer, (re)mixer, side artist, and sample agreements). Capture the provisions of these agreements in the ‘Rights Hub’ rights management application so that these deals are available for linking to repertoire. This sometimes requires capturing provisions per an e-mail or an agreement that has not yet been fully executed.

Liaise with Business Affairs and A&R Admin to accurately interpret the contractual language and to articulate the way the label chooses to operate against various agreements. Rights Hub supports the communication of operating policy ‘overrides’ to the commercial teams, where these ‘overrides’ may not match the provisions of the relevant agreement.

Work with royalties business affairs to ensure royalties provisions are swiftly captured and to manage the communication and relationship between royalties business affairs and label business affairs. Facilitating the approval of all rights and royalties provisions captured in the system by the relevant label attorney in a timely fashion.

Link agreements to all relevant repertoire and contributors (e.g. link producers to the producer agreement(s) that govern their services with respect specific songs.)

Keep deals up to date as the result of a deal’s negotiation status, contractual amendments, option pick-ups, drop notices, expiration of rights, deal ‘overrides’, etc.Job Requirements:


  • Familiarity with recording agreements
  • Task-oriented and organized, with the ability to stay on top of multiple initiatives at one time
  • Ability to maintain focus and complete detailed contractual analysis on a regular basis
  • Outgoing personality and strong communication skills. This is not solely a “data entry” position; this role manages communication of our rightsbetween various departments (Legal, Royalties, A&R, A&R Admin, Production, Commercial, etc.)
  • Ambition to work toward continual process improvement (faster deal entry times, improving the application and business process, etc.)
  • Proficient technical skills (experience and comfortability using web-based applications)
  • Comfortable in a rights management role rather than ambitious to immediately move into a deal negotiation role
  • Familiarity with business process workflows (following a pre-defined process, understanding how one’s role helps to achieve the overall objective)


  • 2+ years experience in the music industry


  • Bachelor’s degree (preferably in music business)
  • Law degree (preferred but not required)

Universal Music Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


This job description only provides an overview of job responsibilities that are subject to change.