Music Director

Production Santa Monica, California Req. UMG-1558


Music Directors are our catalog, service and metadata experts. They are the front-line experts between the catalog and client projects. They drive sales and music usage by pitching the best tracks to meet client needs. The position demands excellent customer service skills as well as specialized music and media knowledge.

Job Functions:

General Music Expertise

  • Be the source of knowledge and passion for all genres of music.
  • Conduct constant research into trends in music usage in film, tv, advertising and other media formats.
  • Translate musical concepts into terms non-musical individuals can understand and discuss, and feed back to music producers.

Client Service

  • Perform a high volume of music searches for internal (sales staff) and external clients using inherent knowledge of music, specialized knowledge of our catalog and our music search system.
  • Send playlists and audio files to clients based on music search results.
  • Curate playlists for the website anticipating client needs.
  • Liaise with clients and sales staff to make sure clients have access to the music they need.
  • Problem solve any issues that arise.


  • Provide clients with information about our catalog, including writer /publishing information, etc.
  • Liaise with copyright department to convey any changes made to our search system or catalog that affect copyright registrations.

Search System and Catalog Maintenance

  • Assign and constantly fine tune metadata (descriptive words, etc.) assigned to songs in the catalog to constantly improve our search tools.
  • Liaise with International IT staff, and foreign producing territories to discuss music and metadata needs, and best practices when describing and searching for music.

Production Duties

  • Assist in getting audio and metadata prepared and ingested into various systems to make it available to clients on an expedited basis.
  • Identify musical needs and desires of clientele. Work with production and sales departments to identify areas of need and growth.

Job Requirements:


  • Deep knowledge of music, including current popular trends and historical genres, the sounds of various instruments (e.g. know atrombone from a trumpet), and basic musical principles includingrhythm, harmony, etc.
  • Deep knowledge of trends in the way clients (media, TV, film,advertising, etc.) use music, and trends in music licensing.
  • Ability to translate non-musical terms into musical ideas for clients who might not have a good musical background themselves and may not know how to communicate what they want.
  • Superb general customer service skills with follow through.
  • Ability to work independently and toward rapid (we’re in the editing bay right now!) deadlines.
  • Ability to handle and prioritize multiple requests and projects at once.
  • Proficiency with basic business computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel, as well as file transfers programs and media search systems.
  • Ability to learn the use of proprietary software systems.


  • A musical background is a must. The ideal candidate will have at least three years’ experience finding music as a music director, music coordinator, music supervisor, or video editor. Must have demonstrableexperience communicating and conveying a deep knowledge and understanding of musical concepts and sound, to both those with equal knowledge, and those with no knowledge. The right candidate will be a person who loves music, loves to help people, and loves solving problems quickly.


  • Bachelor of Music degree, or a Bachelor of Arts with some musical training is preferred, mainly as a way to demonstrate proficiency with music.

Universal Music Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


This job description only provides an overview of job responsibilities that are subject to change.