Systems Engineer (DevOps)

Tech Woodland Hills, California Req. UMG-623


We are UMG, the Universal Music Group. We are the world’s leading music company. In everything we do, we are committed to artistry, innovation and entrepreneurship. We own and operate a broad array of businesses engaged in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising, and audiovisual content in more than 60 countries. We identify and develop recording artists and songwriters, and we produce, distribute and promote the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful music to delight and entertain fans around the world.

The DevOps Engineer role is a hands-on technical role for the ongoing development of ‘infrastructure as code’ and to support organizations development and testing teams. This will require standard infrastructure automation expertise along with engineering skills in configuration and support of windows based platforms, tools configuration and standards, as well as development and maintenance of the existing build, test automations and deployment scripts.

This position will work closely with development engineers at all levels across the organization, project managers and product managers, as well as interacting with program management, infrastructure, support and other delivery teams. The primary responsibility of this role is to evolve the infrastructure and serve the software configuration management needs of the development engineering. As DevOps Engineer you will be expected to present best practices, training material and train personnel on the compliance of software tools and procedures.

Job Functions:

  • Perform all configuration management duties and write infrastructure automation code
  • Able to promote best DevOps practices within the broader UMG Build and Run organizations
    Provide technical support to development engineers in the area of tool usage and build environments
  • Ability to provide guidance on make and build methodologies
  • Define and create product build and deployment packages
  • Automate application build procedures and related build jobs for both production and pre-production development environments
  • Provide best practice, configuration management and training for common delivery tools and services such as build servers (TeamCity in particular), various source control providers (Git in particular), and scripting (PowerShell in particular) as required
  • Ability to configure and troubleshoot windows based platforms with focus on core services such as IIS, MSMQ, DTC and AD
  • Creation and maintenance of build / simulation scripts
  • Manage branching and merging strategies for production and development environments where required
  • Control all software changes that will be released into production environments 
  • Provide configuration management reporting & analyses for all aspects of the software configuration management environment
  • Identify and manage software and firmware component dependencies between concurrent development activities and develop core dependency resolution scripts
  • Enforce and audit configuration management procedures performed by software developers
  • Provide audit documentation when required as a result of internal or external audit activities
  • Establish and document software configuration management strategies, procedures, policies and general configuration management plans for software development
  • Integration of software tool-chain into a Continuous Integration environment
  • Evaluation of configuration management toolsets to help improve the overall configuration management objectives and to ensure they are sustainable and scalable

Job Requirements:


  • Ability to analyse data to draw business-relevant conclusions
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivated and self-managing
  • A team player but equally able to work independently
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills including technical writing skills
  • Strong knowledge of software development, build and configuration management tools. Linux, Windows, Microsoft WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint, MS Project, Visio
  • Demonstrated experience in;  
    • Problem solving
    • Infrastructure automation using Terraform or equivalent technologies
    • Ability to work effectively in a fast moving, multi-project team environment
  • Technical Skills;  
    • Solid understanding and experience of developing infrastructure as code, version control systems, change management systems and documentation management systems; such as Terraform, Chef, GIT, CVS, Subversion, Jira
    • Experience administering, upgrading and installing plug-ins with Bugzilla and Jira
    • Experience working within and understanding an Open Source consumer model with knowledge of GPL
    • Strong experience with Linux and related administrative activities
    • Experience in an Agile development environment and Continuous Integration
    • Experience with Configuration Management (i.e. Chef, Ansible, Puppet)
    • Knowledge of build automation
    • Experience with TeamCity and Octopus
    • Experience with central logging solutions (i.e. Splunk, Snare, Logstash)
    • Experience with central monitoring solutions (i.e. PRTG etc.)
    • Good understanding and experience with scripting such as PowerShell / bash / Perl / Python
    • Experience administering version control systems, especially modern distributed systems such as GIT.
    • Experience with administration of DNS, SMTP, WFS, Apache, Tomcat
    • Exposure to non-Windows platforms and services (in particular Linux based OS) a plus
    • Exposure to cloud service providers – in particular AWS and Azure – would be useful
    • A background in software development and confidence with diverse range of tasks including coding, test automation, managing and configuring databases (both relational and non-relational), seeding and backups
      • AWS EC2 (Windows AIMs)
      • AWS RDS (SQL Server)
      • No SQL (Raven DB desirable)
      • Experience with Applications/Frameworks:
      • NET MVC Sites (i.e. MSDeploy)
      • AngularJS
      • Elastic Search
      • WIF Identity Framework (and related technical knowledge like ADFS / WAAD / ACS, etc.)
  • Seven plus years of experience as a software engineer, developing embedded, web-based or server applications with an understanding of the full development lifecycle activities.
  • Three plus years of experience in building and releasing infrastructure as code (/software applications is desirable) in a controlled environment with an understanding of full lifecycle configuration management activities, while performing related system administration activities.
  • Experience working within an agile team
  • Experience with a continuous integration environment and deployments using tools like TeamCity, Octopus etc.
  • Experience with JIRA (and applicable plug-ins)


  • Degree in Information Technology or related field preferred

Universal Music Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


This job description only provides an overview of job responsibilities that are subject to change.