Manager, Media Technology

Platform Boston, Massachusetts

At Hill Holliday, we help our clients fight the daily share battle by swinging hard and fighting smart. We stay laser-focused on the most important part of the equation: the idea. Nothing beats a good one. And every day we come to work to think of more of them to help our clients dominate the noisiest of categories.

We also know that work is about more than just, well, work. It’s also about the people. And we find that when we let those people do their thing – their curious, tenacious, scrappy, be-happy thing – what results is innovative thinking that wins.

As a Media Technologist, you will operate alongside the Digital teams at Trilia, as well as Clients; identifying efficiencies and automation to ensure that teams are working as efficiently as possible. Do you thrive off a fast-paced environment where you can help blaze a trail and make an impact? Get excited when you hear about process optimization and scale? Well this role might be for you!

The ideal candidate would have 3-5+ years supporting teams in a process or operations capacity preferably in an agency or technology start-up. The ideal candidate would be familiar with wearing multiple hats, pivoting from one task to another, and one client to another.

An Ideal candidate can be described as:

  • Polished and on point. Highly detail oriented, an excellent time manager, obsessed with accuracy, a strong critical thinker, and able to juggle multiple tasks/clients.
  • Solutions oriented, a patient and diligent troubleshooter, unwilling to let go of a problem until it is solved
  • Good at building relationships – a creative problem solver, a customer service expert, a great team player
  • A proven manager of individuals (whether on your team or mentoring externally) and leader of teams; able to adapt to the mood of the collective
  • A great communicator – able to write clearly, speak professionally, and teach complex technical concepts to a non-technical audience in a way that helps the ideas stick
  • Unafraid to speak up in meetings large and small – contributions to decision-making are important, and while you don’t have to be loud or boisterous, you do have to be willing to be vocal and active in all discussions.

The core functions of the role and skill requirements will fall into the following buckets:

Process Management:

  • Understanding automation processes as they become available, whether through tools or technology to ensure that manual processes are transitioned to more automated ways of working.
  • Leveraging automation to streamline digital processes, both with the Platform team, but also all Trilia digital teams.
  • Creating automated solutions for more current, manual processes spanning digital planning execution and optimization.


  • Experience with the digital space, including Marketing technology tools such as DMP’s, DSP’s, Multi-Touch Attribution partners and their applications to digital media campaigns.
  • Experience working with feeds (whether automated or ad-hoc) and their applications within the digital space
  • Experience with media technology specs, including digital partner specs for creative, landing pages, tagging, URL structures, etc.
  • Experience working with tagging, knowledge of best practices for the web; demonstrated success in applying them within a rapidly changing environment with numerous stakeholders
  • A proven history of bridging internal company groups and technology teams
  • Experience in working with third-party groups and external agencies/vendors
  • The ability to advise internal teams in the best process and use of technology
  • Co-lead strategic conversations with client and media teams around technology integrations that can improve efficiency or support new media
  • Support the Digital teams in the basic aspects of the trafficking process, including connecting placements to creatives, setting up consistent configurations, and collecting clean data. Lead the more complex aspects of trafficking, including Floodlight tags, DMP integrations, websites, and more


  • Lead conversations with the media team on ways to work faster and smarter. Collaborate with fellow digital leads on process to prevent errors, to ensure consistency, and to create a strong QA checklist to mitigate risk and eliminate errors.
  • Collaborate with vendors on behalf of creative agencies when troubleshooting is required
  • Become a Subject Matter Expert on any number of technologies; keep yourself and the team up to date on the ever-evolving media landscape through regular research and writing POVs
  • You may work across multiple clients, in which case we want you to share the best practices of each with the rest of the group in order to improve our output and standardize our work
  • Assist clients in technology tests and evaluations.


  • Experience with digital platforms – you can go deep on programmatic (DMPs, DSPs, Exchanges), the ins-and-outs of second- and third-party vendors, ad servers of all stripes (display, video, social, mobile), Tag Management Systems, and/or VVF vendors (viewability, verification, and fraud prevention)
  • A minimum of 3-5 years of experience in digital media (agency or publisher side)
  • Four years of college education (technology, marketing, computer engineering, web development)
  • A passion and/or skill for training and development, as the role involves both doing your work and supporting others on the team
  • Knowledge/experience with the Doubleclick Digital Marketing suite (DDM) including DCM and DBM. You know how to traffic campaigns across multiple digital media channels, and can support teams in issue resolution.
  • Skills in QA’ing ad tags and conversion tags in a browser environment or tag diagnostic tool are required
  • The ability to master the Microsoft Office suite, particularly PPT and XLS