Jr. Copywriter

Creative Boston, Massachusetts


Position at Arnold




If you’re a junior copywriter, it means the people above you probably assume that you don’t know jack squat about what you’re doing. Prove them wrong. Make them wonder why you ever had “Jr.” in your title.


  • Be an idea machine. Spray them out with reckless abandon. You should feel like ideas are dripping off you as they flow from your head like a fountain. Your best ideas often come after banging your head against something for a while. So bang your head, and show a breadth of ideas with a breadth of approaches.
  • Be reliable and be buttoned up. This is the single best way to move ahead as a writer. Make sure that when you’re assigned a project, it’s going to get done right and done on time.
  • We have an extraordinarily large number of employees here whose job it is to think about the client. You are not one of them. Instead, think about what’s going to make great advertising. What is bold, brilliant and blows your own mind? Bring it.
  • Learn from more senior creatives. Make it your responsibility to get specific feedback from them so that you can improve. If your work isn’t going forward the way you’d like, find out why.
  • Surprise us. There’s nothing better than someone stepping up to do something they weren’t asked to do. Come up with ways to help out and do them.
  • Be a student of Advertising. Be aware of what your peers are doing, the competition and emerging technology. Seek out influence. Always be learning about the business you’re in.
  • Know and love technology. Some of the best ideas come from technology that doesn’t exist yet. Make it a point to learn about every new site, new gadget, new application, and apply this to your work.
  • Turn ideas into tangible greatness. Clients have trouble buying things they can’t see. And they have trouble picturing things that are only described with words. Your job is to turn the agency’s best ideas into tangible, visible form, so that clients can understand their greatness. Make sure that happens and you can present them effectively.


Generally 0-3


Have a firm foundation of grammar, writing and language. You can’t know where to break the rules until you know what the rules are.