Billing and Reconciliation Associate

Finance Miami, Florida


Position at Havas Media

Job Summary:

The Billing and Reconciliation Associate is responsible for clearing invoices for payment, Also is responsible for executing client billing procedures; running reports, preparing invoices, and sending billing packets to media teams in order to ensure billing accuracy

 Essential Job Functions:

  • Clear cable invoices for payment in PC Netpak
    • Download invoices from the V- Drive that coincide with uncleared reports
    • If there are no discrepancies, clear the invoice by assigning a number to the buy and label it for payment
    • Request missing invoices from print vendors
  • Clear digital invoices for payment in Adbuyer
    • Receive digital invoices and send to Digital Media Executive to enter buys in Adbuyer
  • Clear print invoices for payment in Adbuyer
    • Prepare a tearsheet with copy of the ad along with the cover of the magazine, clear the invoices in adbuyer
  • Follow up with teams if invoices are received but buys are not entered in the system
  • Run DDS Reports to ensure all buys are complete and accurate in the system
  • Review and discuss accounts with Media Teams to make sure the information in the system is correct
  • Review the Client Aging Reports for each client to determine what invoices need to be offset in order to have the aging as clean as possible
  • Analyze Agency Summary Report to determine which clients need to be billed
    • For the prebilled clients verify which clients need to be billed according to the billing calendar
    • For Progressive Billing, verify whether the buys have been cleared in the system
  • Creates drafts based on accent reports and bills client once the Media Executive approves the draft
    • Ensure that the information between the draft and the invoice matches
    • Manipulate the invoice to include necessary information, such as Account Information
  • Prepare the clients invoices and send them
  • Issue statements to the clients and inquire when payments will be made based on age (adhering to contractual due dates)

Required Experience:

  • One to two years’ experience in an Accounting function

Skills and Competencies:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Strong analytical and mathematical skills
  • Basic knowledge of media and advertising services
  • Familiar with the DDS Accounting System and reconciliation process
  • Service Oriented
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish)
  • Detail Oriented