Account Director- Experiential Content- Contract Role

Account Management / Client Services New York, New York


Position at Havas Media





Project Delivery

  • Understand the major milestones of client projects, know what the client needs before they know themselves. Think in 3, 6 and 12 month bursts, planning ahead so as to see the issues before they arise,
  • Work with project team leaders to ensure efficiencies, and maximize client relationships, account revenue and business.
  • Keep teams informed, on their toes and clear about what is expected from them. Help them to be better everyday. Communicate benchmarks to ensure that each client project is managed appropriately.
  • Manage - without having to execute - the details of a project: scoping, schedules, client meeting facilitation, status reporting and deliverables management and all internal correspondence and meetings. Know every aspect of the client’s business and what the status is on all elements of delivery.
  • Assist in managing changes in scope and end of project closing requirements, keeping CS&P SVP apprised of change status.
  • Work to understand and communicate client’s business/brand goals and competitive landscape, ensuring all project elements are on strategy for brand and deliver messaging


Project Strategy and Management


  • Offer logical thinking – exceed expectation by giving clear insights into how we can solve client problems. Get to the heart of the matter and become invaluable to the client.
  • Share expertise – understand WHY what we do is effective and vocalize this clearly to a client. Explain that our strategic approach works and has been proven. Give the bigger picture.
  • Provide management and support for content and experiential production needs. Work to maximize business and production efficiencies by understanding all things related to specific projects’ logistics, vendor management, contracts, fabrication, staffing production timelines and budgeting.
  • Understand specific project needs for editorial creation, influencer management, and custom content development for all channels and media.
  • Advise clients to achieve efficient, cost effective, impactful content and event production for specific projects.
  • Liaises with CS&P SVP/VP and Resource Management/Trafficking team to ensure appropriate prioritization of client projects into production workstreams.


Culture and Creativity:

  • Work to be a great storyteller. Be a nimble thinker and help come up with new ideas in brainstorms that are fresh and innovative, even quirky.
  • Support teams in their daily management of their projects, providing creative problem solving for complex challenges.
  • Encourage and nurture creativity and act as a role model and mentor to inspire individuals to deliver excellence. Align with team to enable a collaborative and enjoyable working environment that leads to client satisfaction.
  • Embrace and encourage everyone’s unique human culture, working with client teams to help shift the client relationships from pure tactical service delivery to becoming more strategic and consultative partners.
  • Lead by example and drive an entrepreneurial spirit within the team.




  • Help client teams to properly scope and budget specific projects, helping to drive project profitability and revenue growth.
  • Work to truly understand the HSE business model and how to accurately forecast a project’s financial management.
  • Provide oversight to budget management and project level reporting.
  • Ensure that no work begins without an SOW or other form of written agreement from client.
  • Understand overall needs of specific client projects: operations, production, staffing etc to be able to give specific guidance for budget planning and scope management.


To be successful, these core competencies are required:


  • Client Team Management: ability to inspire and foster team commitment, spirit, pride, and trust in assigned teams including those on the road; ability to facilitate cooperation to maximize team productivity while managing multiple teams and/or multiple clients.
  • Account Relationship Development: ability to build strong client relationships, supporting the assigned CS&P teams.
  • Management Autonomy: director-level leaders are expected to work with autonomy and manage larger teams, having responsibility for larger and/or multiple clients and multiple/larger projects.
  • Daily Work Management: ability to work cooperatively with assigned teams, and support prioritization and management of work to ensure project goals are met.




  • Evolving experience in leading larger client projects.
  • Focused marketing background with minimum of seven (7) years’ experience in the client service and production planning and implementation process.
  • Solid understanding of the budgeting and operational processes of delivering client projects.
  • Developed relationship skills with the ability to operate at a senior level with client teams and help resolve issues smoothly and effectively.
  • Natural problem solver - ability to understand and offer clear solutions.
  • Strong people manager with an ability to inspire, motivate, mentor and build commitment.
  • Self-starter, confident in his or her own abilities and decision-making.
  • Detail oriented with strong service and production management abilities.
  • Ability to multi-task, manage time demands, work successfully with teams, and work under pressure.