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Account Management / Client Services Atlanta, Georgia


Position at Havas Media

About Havas Sports & Entertainment USA

Havas Sports & Entertainment (HSE) is an international network of dedicated experts in sports, music, and entertainment positioned at the core of the Havas Group across its 46 Villages around the world. In the USA, HSE is the result of merging the award-winning talents of experiential unit ignition and content group Cake – bringing together a combined client list including The Coca-Cola Company, Harley-Davidson, LVMH, TracFone, Delta and Under Armour. 

The team is deployed in New York City, Atlanta, Boston and Chicago, and provides integrated services that connect consumers with brands through their passions. As Havas’ Passion Point marketing experts, HSE builds meaningful brands by augmenting consumer passions through thoughtful, insight lead strategies that fuel authentic partnerships, amplified by imaginative experiences and engaging content.

As part of the Havas Village, Havas Sports & Entertainment has the ability to leverage and partner with sibling agencies to offer capabilities across a variety of marketing functions, including advertising, mobile and digital, bringing our clients the very best in practice.




        Direct line to CS&P VP, Group Director, Senior Director or Senior Manager










        CS&P Managers have responsibility for managing some of the daily aspects of specific client relationships including regular communication regarding project updates

        While Managers don’t completely “own” big projects (but may own small / medium projects), as possible next-phase leaders within CS&P, Managers oversee the day-to-day responsibilities of their projects accounts to ensure production excellence in all event and content deliverables

        This particular role has more of a Production bent, working with fabrication of event sites, vehicle modifications, other. 





Client Services & Production Managers are responsible for these core functions that directly contribute to the sustained growth of HSE:


        Project Delivery

        Vendor Management



Project Delivery


The CS&P Managers provide day-to-day management of the tactical elements for active client projects, helping to reinforce relationships with ambassadors and/or partners.


        Work with project team leaders to ensure efficiencies, and maximize client relationships, account revenue and business.

        Keep brand ambassadors and partners informed, on their toes and clear about what is expected from them. Help them to be better everyday. Communicate benchmarks to ensure that each client project is executed appropriately.

        Manage - the details of a project: scoping, schedules, client meeting facilitation, status reporting and deliverables management, including internal correspondence and meetings. Know every aspect of the client’s business and what the status is on all elements of delivery.

        Assist in managing changes in scope and end of project closing requirements, keeping CS&P directors apprised of change status.

        Work to understand client’s business/brand goals and competitive landscape, building learning for agency growth.

        Assist in helping the overall team, which could include advising and providing information for new business opportunities.





Vendor Management


The CS&P Team Managers also must understand the vendors’ businesses who execute for client projects. This understanding will help Managers direct the vendor relationship throughout the project life-cycle.


        Offer clear direction – exceed expectation by giving a strong brief for execution of client deliverables.

        Share our agency’s POV – understand WHY what we do is effective and vocalize this clearly.

        Provide management and support for content and experiential production needs. Work to maximize business and production efficiencies by understanding all things related to specific projects’ logistics, vendor management, contracts, fabrication, staffing production timelines and budgeting.

        Where relevant, understand specific project needs for editorial creation, influencer management, and custom content development for all channels and media.

        Advise vendors and liaise with clients to achieve efficient, cost effective, impactful content and event production for specific executions.



To be successful, these core competencies are required:


        Team Management: ability to inspire and foster team commitment (internal or external), spirit, pride, and trust in assigned teams including those on the road; ability to facilitate cooperation to maximize execution on behalf of our clients.

        Management Autonomy: manager-level leaders are expected to work with some independence and manage smaller teams and/or projects.

        Daily Work Management: ability to work cooperatively with assigned teams, and support prioritization and management of work to ensure project goals are met.

        Live the Mission: As with all agency employees, especially those who interact with client teams and vendors, the CS&P Managers must embody the agency’s brand and foster an environment that builds rapport and encourages the furtherance of the goals, mission and vision that are unique to HSE.

        Production Knowhow:  Detail and thoroughness when briefing, selecting and managing vendors to produce best in class events which are on-time and on-budget, as well as having some already established strong vendor relationships to leverage





Represent Agency for Client Leadership and Management:

        Actively seek information on client culture, products and brands.

        Participate in brainstorms, working to offer relevant, original ideas and build on others’ contributions.

        Ensure adherence to internal-external deadlines to complete overall process and determine creative problem solving to avoid missed deadlines.


Facilitate Office Operations:

        Periodically evaluate ambassador performance to improve individual and team deliverables.




        Evolving experience in leading medium size production projects.

        Minimum 3-5 year marketing exposure to and experience in the client service and production planning and implementation process.

        Evolving understanding of the budgeting and operational processes of delivering client projects.

        Good people manager with an ability to inspire, motivate, mentor and build commitment.

        Self-starter, confident in his or her own abilities and decision-making.

        Detail oriented with strong service and production management abilities.

        Ability to multi-task, manage time demands, work successfully with teams, and work under pressure.


CONFIDENTIAL / 6 January 2018