Waste Water Treatment Operator (7543 )

Legal & Risk Management Windom, Minnesota


Position at Prime Pork

Prime Pork is searching for a wastewater treatment operator.  The operator is responsible for the operation of all procedures of an activated sludge wastewater plant. This includes daily tests to ensure the stability of the system. The operator is responsible for operating dissolved air flotation equipment, polymer feed pumps and feed rates as set by jar testing, sludge return pump rates and wasting rates as prescribed by daily calculations. In addition, a Wastewater Operator handles ferric chloride calculation, filtration of wastewater before discharge, U.V. disinfection, and any conditions that may arise during the operation of the plant. The operator is also required to do maintenance, as needed, to keep plant in operation.



  • Control processes and equipment to remove solid materials, chemicals compounds, and microorganisms from the water stream to render them harmless.
  • Control pumps, valves, and other processing equipment to move wastewater through various treatment processes and dispose of the waste materials removed from the water.
  • Read and interpret meters and gauges to make sure plant equipment and processes are working properly and adjust controls as needed.
  • Operate chemical feeding devices, take samples, perform chemical and biological laboratory analysis test and adjust amount of chemicals in the water.
  • Make minor repairs to valves, pumps, and other equipment.
  • Perform preventative maintenance activities.

Minimum Requirements:

·         High school diploma or GED.

·         Mechanical background.

·         Ability to stand or walk for an entire shift.

·         Ability to withstand higher levels of noise, dust and                odors associated with livestock on a daily basis.

·         Ability to bend or move in order to complete job tasks.

·         Ability to sit, stand, squat, walk, grasp, lift, kneel,                  crouch, talk and hear.

·         Ability to work in areas of extreme heat and cold                    conditions.

·         Ability to read and write, as required.

·         Ability to lift up to 25 pounds on a daily basis.

·         Ability to pass pre-employment and random drug test.

·         Good verbal and written communication skills.

·         Ability to maintain high expectations for self,                          demonstrating a dedication to achievement of results.

·         Ability to function in a fast paced changing work                    environment.

·         Solid problem solving, project management, multi-                tasking and prioritization skills.

·         Ability to work effectively independently and within a              team environment.

·         Math skills.

·         Troubleshooting skills.

·         Must be willing to attain MDEQ State Certification.

·         Other Certifications helpful: A-1b, A1i, A2b, A-2c, B-              2a, C-2a, C-3.