Housekeeping and Laundry Unity, New Hampshire


Attendance is a fundamental tenant of Sullivan County. All employees are obligated to report to work for each and every scheduled shift on time and depart from the work place only when permitted to do so by the County. 

Sweep, mop, wet-wash, and vacuum floors; periodically polish floors, using buffing machine and polish, using safety glasses and caution signs; clean hallways with floor scrubber; wash walls and inside windows, by hand, using cleaning solutions, sponge, and cloths; periodically is called upon to wash outside windows and screens. 

Move furniture to clean rooms and areas; gather and dispose of trash; wash wastebaskets and large refuse containers and reline with paper or plastic bags; clean lighting fixtures, tops of windows, vents, door frames, and other high places, using ladder when necessary; turn and change mattresses, get traction and bed frames, hang draperies and shades; may do minor repairs to Venetian blinds and shades. 

Clean window tracks of flies, clean elevator tracks, clean mini-blinds, clean ash trays, clean residents’ fans as well as others. 

Wash sinks and other plumbing fixtures; wash water coolers; replace disposables such as towels, soap and toilet paper, etc.; clean whirlpool, tub and chair lift; clean mirrors. 

Collect soiled linens and transport to laundry; on weekends and holidays help ground floor housekeeping aide. 

Disinfect areas by scrubbing or spraying; test water for disinfectant reading; unplug clogged toilets; clean entire room when a resident expires; assist in cleaning all ceiling vents Sullivan County, New Hampshire Nursing Home Environmental Services Housekeeper Grade 2 - 130 03/2016 2 (using ladder). 

Move resident’s room furnishings on wheels, from one floor to another (when requested by Nursing Department). 

Complete charts daily, indicating number of wheelchairs, gerichairs and beds cleaned or changed. Complete monthly reports and submits to Supervisor.

Salary Range: $11.31 - $15.27 per hour