AV/VTC Technician

Information Technology Fort Benning, Georgia Job ID: 2017-453


Candidate will be responsible for the following requirements:

  • Update and maintain an accurate database that includes all VTC suites inventory by IP, Unit, Location, POC, Site ID, etc.
  • Schedule and operate VTC conference bridging for suites. Provide system configuration management, circuit validation and all other functions on the bridge and end points.
  • Update software and firmware versions on all VTC equipment. Remove, install and test section equipment to accomplish equipment configurations as required to maintain 100% operational status of section equipment.
  • Operate VTC equipment including powering up teleconferencing equipment, checking equipment for proper operation, setting audio levels, positioning camera functions, and performing secure or non-secure set-up. Assist Organization facilitators with conducting VTC, which may include conference preparation, monitoring VTC equipment and system performance, reporting equipment and network problems to appropriate parties and performing maintenance and repair. Perform operator level repairs of VTC equipment and repair or replace malfunctioning wiring, cabling and terminations associated with the equipment. Perform periodic maintenance on the VTC as specified by the manufacturer’s preventive and periodic maintenance specifications and the Government’s periodic maintenance schedule.
  • Develop SOPs for VTC scheduling, operation, and maintenance processes and procedures. Coordinate functional tests and scheduled VTCs with local and remote users, NEC, Defense Information Systems Global-Video Services (DVS), Defense Information Systems Network (DISN), and installation bridge operators. Conduct site surveys to validate equipment for all new requirements.
  • Assist the MCoE G-6 with Certificates of Networthiness (CON) and Configuration Control Board (CCB) submissions to Information Assurance. Implement configuration updates to the bridge topology as a result of changes to security requirements or the installation’s network architecture. Provide implementation status reports to the COR on an as- required basis. Assist the Government with AT&T and Army validations/certifications for VTC systems and provide updates to the GVS-SW database as changes occur.
  • Applicant will be required to complete Windows 10 Training available in SkillPort.