Property Administrator

Facilities Arlington, Virginia Job ID: 2017-73


Property Administrator – Arlington

Secret clearance


Basic Qualifications
- Previous experience in monitoring government property.
- Prior experience using property management tools.
- Experience manipulating data in Excel spreadsheets and producing reports.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Job Description
Position will work with DEA supporting Merlin and/or Narcotics Enforcement Data Retrieval Systems (NEDRS). This position will update and track changes in property status in the DOJ Unified Financial Management System (UFMS), participate in DEA property tracking processes using appropriate DEA forms, participate in periodic inventories, and assist in the transfer of property to field sites. Prepare appropriate DEA forms for the disposal of excess property and coordinate with DEA Office Services Warehouse and the DEA Office of Information Systems Depot on the pickup of the excess property.

Desired skills
- Knowledge of the DOH/DEA property tracking process

- Prior experience using USMS
- Working knowledge of DOJ/DEA property forms