Sudanese Arabic Linguist

Linguistics Columbia, Maryland Job ID: 2016-11394


Minimum Qualifications:

Required Skills:

  • The qualified applicant shall be a native speaker of Arabic, raised to adulthood (generally regarded as 18 years of age) in a region where Arabic in both MSA and regional dialect forms is the linguistic norm. Native knowledge of and capability in the dialects of north east Africa (for example, Egyptian, Sudanese, Libyan) are strongly preferred
  • The best qualified applicant will have a high level of expertise across a wide range of Arabic dialects.    
  • The applicant must be able to comprehend formal and informal uses of the native language with a full understanding of the cultural, social, and political implications of the language in use, based on an upbringing in the native land.
  • Prior translation experience preferred.
  • Basic computer and keyboarding skills required.
  • Applicant should be prepared to provide date and place of birth, date of immigration to the U.S., date U.S. citizenship granted, and history of formal education and employment.


    • Higher education in both Arabic and in English is strongly preferred.