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Why Sterling Talent Solutions?

Sterling Talent Solutions is revolutionizing the background screening and onboarding industry. Our cloud-based platform, culture of innovation, enthusiastic teammates, and collaborative philosophy create the perfect environment for your next career.

With 20 offices in nine countries and growing, our team of more than 4,000 employees proudly serves customers all around the world. Are you ready to thrive?

What Makes Sterling Shine?

  • Unparalleled Experiences

    Our technology, service and employees are defining industry-standards within the Human Capital Management arena. In our offices it’s not uncommon for a simple idea to take life, often redefining best practices, streamlining complex processes and giving everyone peace of mind. And it all starts with your idea.

  • Comprehensive Health & Wellness Program

    While we value the performance of our employees, we also respect the time needed to rest and recharge. We offer paid time off/annual leave, health club discounts and healthcare package. We even have a vacation house in Orlando, Florida for all employees to use free of charge.

  • Vibrant, Creative Culture

    We are committed to fostering a welcoming, diverse and driven culture. From our yearly Hackathon to our list of volunteer opportunities, we believe work should spark inspiration, passion and creativity. We offer a variety of global initiatives and programs to make you feel part of the team from day one (and we’re adding more every day).

  • Humanitarian & Environmental Impact

    We believe our responsibility goes beyond financial statements and business deliverables. We want to build a safer, brighter, more compassionate world – and you can see it in our commitment to communities all over the world. Our purpose is to foster hope and progress among the people and communities who need it most, with a strong focus on the safety, education and welfare of children.

  • Extraordinary Growth

    From mergers and acquisitions to our organic growth, we’re always looking for the new and different ways to grow the business – and ourselves. We provide employees with professional training, resources and mentorship necessary to excel in both their role and as part of the organization. With opportunities to impact mission-critical projects and immediate access to resources, you have control over your career trajectory.

  • Competitive Compensation

    Our team is regularly reviewing our compensation and salary structures across all departments and geographies. We pride ourselves in ensuring fair and equitable pay based on competitive industry standards.

Our Benefits

  • Medical, Dental, Vision

  • Relaxed, Modern Office Space

  • Paid Time Off | Annual Leave

  • Health Club Discounts

  • Team Building and Social Events

  • Employer-Sponsored Retirement Savings Plan

  • Company Vacation House

  • Flexible Work Schedules
    (Position Dependent)

  • Philanthropic Opportunities

We Look For Candidates Who Embody Our Four Values

  • Value People

    People are at the center of everything we do. We foster strong, respectful relationships that value our customers, our colleagues, and ourselves. We understand that our customers and partners are the lifeblood of our business. We foster a balanced environment that promotes teamwork, empowerment, and diversity, honoring bold ideas, a-ha moments and adamant opinions as essential catalyst for growth.

  • Be Accountable

    We are one global team embracing the culture of CAN. Shared success depends on talented individuals, each empowered to be leaders that take initiative, inspire visions, own opportunities, and see things through. Knowing that everyday, the right attitude and steady path initiated with creativity, determination, and action is what makes us outstanding.

  • Uphold Integrity

    Doing the right thing guides the choices we make everyday. It steers decisions grounded in confidence and trust. It guides principled and outcomes that impact our customers, our colleagues, and ourselves. We champion the highest legal,ethical and compliance standards and take pride in our positive contributions to a safer society. It's the business we're in.

  • Fuel Agility

    We move fast. We make smart, nimble decisions and pursue relentless innovation because great can always be better. Our passionate quest for excellence and distinction drives new products and services to make our customers' lives easier. It's about obsessing over quality, questioning "the way we've always done it", and constantly challenging the status quo. We don't just embrace change, we drive it.

Award Winning Team

These awards embody the spirit and passion alive within each and every person and office across the globe. From product successes to culture milestones, we're honored to display a sample of some of our awards below as a reminder of our larger mission and purpose in the world. Click here to see our awards.

Trusted By Clients

From Fortune 500 to to start-ups, we're changing the way companies think about background screening across every vertical. Serving a global customer base, we have subject matter experts in every vertical across the globe, deepening our relationship with clients every step of the way.

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