Yospace Java Web/Mobile Software Engineer

Engineering - International Staines, United Kingdom


Yospace is an industry leading server-side dynamic ad insertion technology and a wholly-owned subsidiary of SpotX. 


We are seeking an experienced (3+ years)  Java Web/Mobile Software Engineer to join an established team located in Staines, England. Yospace is the leader in “dynamic ad insertion” technology allowing broadcasters to seamlessly replace broadcast ads in a live stream on a user-centric basis.


Candidates with some exposure to broadcast systems, video encoding, packaging, video streaming, and ad technology will be at an advantage for this role, but we value core engineering skills and an enthusiasm to learn, over domain knowledge. 


Our core platform is built on Java, but for this role we are looking for candidates who are also comfortable developing in other common scripting and programming languages used within the mobile and web ecosystems, and are not afraid to pick up and learn new languages when required.  Flexibility and willingness to learn are valued over deep knowledge of frameworks.


The successful candidate will initially work on a number of projects outside the realm of our core streaming platform, including our device and web SDKs and the web-based management console for our platform, therefore experience in web and mobile development will be considered favourable.


We are only seeking applicants that are currently authorised to work within the EU and are already living in the UK and with an easy commute to Staines.



        At least three years of experience in Java 1.6 or above (spent the majority of their time in the last three years writing Java)

        A solid working knowledge of the HTTP protocol, XML parsing and generation, and web services

        Exposure to web application frameworks such as Angular, jQuery, Prototype.

        Demonstrable ability to pick up new languages and quickly become productive.

        Familiarity with one or more mobile development environments - iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

        Familiarity with one or more scripting languages - PHP, Ruby, Python, node.js

        Core software engineering skills (version control, bug tracking, documentation, etc)


Bonus talents:

        Experience in working with streaming protocols such as HLS, Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH and HDS

        Understanding of x264 or video encoding and packaging

        Experience or awareness of the operation of broadcast systems such playout automation, scheduling, encoding


About Yospace:

Yospace is widely considered to be the leading provider of server-side ad insertion technology for live online video in the world today.  Since being the first to market in 2012, the company has grown its customer base to include over twenty broadcasters and operators across the globe, notably: Sky Media, ITV, BT Sport and Channel 4 in the UK and AT&T / DIRECTV in the USA.


The multi-award-winning technology allows broadcasters to deliver personalised advertising in live and catch-up content when viewed online.  One of the great advantages of the service is that ad stitching is performed in a way that is completely seamless to the viewer, without buffering. It accurately replicates the uninterrupted experience of traditional television.


Yospace has been headquartered in Staines-upon-Thames since it was founded in 1999.  The company was acquired by RTL Group in January 2019.