Senior Cost Engineer

Software Engineering - Calgary Calgary, AB


The opportunity:

Reporting to the Senior Technology Manager (Cloud Operations), this role is focused on helping us optimise for cost, automating away repeatable tasks, without ever risking reliability or customer experience. We’re Cloud native, in a multi-cloud org, making 500+
changes a week.

The majority of spend is currently in AWS with some in GCP too and we recognise that if we embrace even more #FinOps practices, we’ll reduce wastage which will help keep our resources, be that people or $, focused on delighting our customers.

The role will sit alongside a FinOps Cloud Analyst and will work with teams within Platform and Reliability on shared tooling.

What you will be doing:

  • Monitors and investigates bill anomalies providing remediation and recommendations
  • Working with AWS and GCP to drive efficiency
  • Own the evaluation of other 3rd party cost optimisation tools
  • Spots areas of wastage in the platform and influences teams to act on them where simple (backlog item where not, with a way to track outstanding work across all of Tech)
  • Spots repeatable patterns in wastage builds and contributes to automated tooling to remove them (e.g. automatic deletion of not tagged instances, automatic deletion of ELBs not connected to anything, glacier lifecycle policies, better use of staging to meet functional needs whilst minimizing costs)
  • Create sets of rules and guidance to help cost efficiency:
    • Own ‘what instance’ generic guidance
    • Non Production usage (scaling, instance size and types)
  • Tagging coverage, enhancing automation and types of tags to increase our insights into where we spend on Cloud, enabling better decisions and increasing cost allocation to our different platforms.
  • Enhancing use of Cloudability (e.g. dashboard enhancement, building automation based interacting with their API, synchronisation of our metadata)
  • Integrating cost into our other tooling (e.g. delivery pipeline, ‘ScoreCard‘, our internal tool we use to gamify engineering best practice)
  • Reserved Instance strategy (which instances do we wish to push/encourage)
  • Onboarding of new instances; initial technical assessment followed by creating awareness and guidance. E.g. changes in architecture, what teams should be aware of, any changes needed in alerting etc
  • Assessment of new tech against current tech for cost saving purposes. E.g. DynamoOnDemand vs Dynamo DB (reserved) costs, how could we use SPOT
  • Making it easier for teams to adopt said improvements
  • Backlog of major cost saving type changes that can be pulled on should ‘additional’ savings need to be made (e.g. consolidating regions to enhance RI savings, RDS consolidation etc)
What we are looking for: 
  • You know what Janitor monkey is
  • Engineering for the Cloud (ideally AWS)
  • Experience of contributing to other teams code
  • Understand Object Oriented programming languages such as C# or Java
  • Experience of Configuration Management tooling such as Ansible, Terraform, Puppet or Chef
  • You love to automate away manual tasks
  • Ability to influence, both other engineers (for cost saving and shared tooling) and management (approaches to cost saving, 3rd party tooling)
  • Able to contribute to cross-team projects where resources may be spread, amongstmany teams
  • You like getting into the weeds, understanding why things happen
  • You hate waste but are pragmatic

Note: All employees will be asked to sign a Consent for Disclosure of Personal Information in order to complete a background check. Job offers will be conditional upon results that the Company determines to be satisfactory.