Senior SI/PI Engineer

Systems Engineering San Jose, California


Job description

  • Responsible for high-speed SSD board designs, pre layout simulation, post layout simulation and design layout guide generation for DDR4, LPDDR4, PCIe Gen3/4, NVIO and PDN.
  • Provide SI/PI expertise for SSD controller package substrate design and SSD PCB design.
  • Work closely with SoC, FW, Package, and Circuit design engineers locally and remotely.


  • BSEE with 5 years relevant industry experience or MSEE with 2 years
  • Strong understanding of electromagnetics, specifically electromagnetic waves including transmission line theory and PCB layout or package design techniques
  • Required experience of EM field solvers, time and frequency domain simulation tools like Sigrity, Allegro, ADS, HFSS, SIWAVE, HSPICE, etc..
  • Understanding of high volume manufacturing environments
  • Familiar with DDR operation and PCIe operation which need optimization between driver and receiver equalization schemes
  • Simulation - Measurement correlation by using Oscilloscope, VNA and TDR experience
  • Optimizing PDN including power budget calculation
  • ADS or Ansys based DDR all channel time domain simulation
  • Extracting PDN for PSIJ Analysis
  • PSIJ Analyses including DDR channel and PDN extracted model
  • Self-motivated and should enjoy work