MBA, Intern Strategy

Internships Mountain View, California

We started in 2012 on a mission to create breakout software and services and foster a startup culture at Samsung. Since then, our small group has become a global organization that has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs around the world who share our passion for executing against big and bold ideas and building, growing and scaling businesses.

Our team develops products, invests in startups and acquires businesses ready for scale. With a focus on cutting edge software and services such as IoT, AI, AR/VR, Data Analytics, Cyber security and other transformative frontier technologies, we collaborate with seasoned founders and talented companies, providing our capital, resources, expertise and deep connections. We operate across offices in Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Francisco, New York City in the United States; Tel Aviv in Israel; Berlin in Germany; and Seoul in South Korea.

Job responsibilities and detailed projects will be determined based on your educational background, interests and skills.

The ideal candidate has completed the first year of an MBA program, has worked for a primary management consulting company or in the strategy unit of a Fortune 500 organization, and is looking for a career change driven by knowledge of and passion for technology and software. A technical background will be considered a plus, not a mandatory requirement.

The candidate should be comfortable with performing research via web searches, perusing third party research reports, and interviewing via phone or in person Subject Matter Experts..

Minimum qualifications:

  • Enrolled in a full time MBA program.
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills, and ability to tackle highly strategic and challenging business issues, deriving insights from data and overall research.
  • Experience with financial modeling within Excel.
  • Ability to document and clearly communicate results and recommendations.
  • Excellent project management, interpersonal and organizational skills, with the ability to drive and implement ideas in a challenging environment.
  • Compiling and analyzing information from multiple sources
  • Demonstrated ability to be a self-starter and an independent thinker.