Product Manager

Product Management San Francisco, California


Welcome to the world of Samsung NEXT. Samsung Electronics sells 10 phones every second and leads worldwide in getting TVs and Home appliances into the hands of users. NEXT is a new software and services group that leads a mission of innovation at Samsung.

Working as an independent group, we focus on building real products that we scale. Our product build on Machine Learning, Edge Computing and Augmented Reality as technologies,

NEXT is a rare blend of a nimble, fast-paced and entrepreneurial environment with the backing and reach of a one of the world’s most recognized brands.

We put an emphasis on excellence, diversity, grit and passion. Our mission is to build products that are laser focused on customers and are built to impact both the developed and developing world.


  • As a part of our team, you will be building a new technology and products that will ultimately be used by millions of people every day, making real an impact on their lives. This is what we as a team have signed up for. This is why we are here!
  • Ground-floor opportunity - you will be working in an environment where you will both participate and influence every stage of product development to production and scale.
  • You will be building with the latest technologies and will be encouraged to experiment frequently
  • Small company mentality but a large company’s benefits plan - competitive compensation, exceptional health benefits coverage.
  • Flexibility - we try to remove blockers so people can build amazing products
  • Opportunity to travel and collaborate with teams abroad.
  • Modern work space.


  • You will be exploring and identifying new product and opportunities
  • You will drive product ideas through to finding product market fit  
  • You will build hypothesis around products and value propositions and use experimentation to validate them
  • You will engage at all levels of product and engineering, communicating to stakeholders, writing specs, managing engineering builds and analyzing end user data.
  • Identify patent opportunities and work with our legal department to execute them, as well as contracts with partners


  • A mix of a Product manager, a Project manager and a Business analyst with a deep understanding of technology. You will be exploring products where a mix of those skills are required to identify a direction and steps to a solution
  • An inquisitive mind and a self starter that is energized by working on hard problems in a fast paced environment and across multiple concurrent projects
  • A collaborative, team first mindset
  • 5 years of experience working in an innovation/lab environment in companies like Uber or Amazon where concurrent ideas are developed and vetted.


We have centers in San Francisco and Israel. We’ve found a way to combine working shoulder-to-shoulder and working remotely and everything in between.