2019 Burney Falls CA Store / Marina Host (Includes RV Site)

Camp Host Burney, California



We frequently hire couples at this location, though we also hire singles as well.  We would prefer that each member of a couple fill out their own separate application.  If applying as a couple, you will be able to enter your partner's name so we can match you up.

Some couples share an email address.  This causes problems because the system expects every person to have their own email.  Go here to see some guidance on how to get around this.


This application is for a 2018 position in the store and/or marina at beautiful McArthur-Burney Falls State Park in Northern, California.  As with camp hosting, employees will be provided with an RV site and utilities.  Unlike camp hosting, the positions here generally involve working 6 to 8 hours a day in the park store or at the marina.

In the store, positions generally involve operating the register, helping customers with questions, restocking inventory, and setting up and cleaning the food service area.

In the marina, positions generally involve renting boats and slips to customers, helping customers in and out of boats, training customers on boat usage and safety, and cleaning and maintaining the slips and rental fleet.