RRM Camp Host 2020

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The Campground Host position is often filled by a couple working as a team, though we also hire singles as well.  We would prefer that each member of a couple fill out their own separate application.  If applying as a couple, you will be able to enter your partner's name so we can match you up.

Some couples share an email address.  This causes problems because the system expects every person to have their own email.  Go here to see some guidance on how to get around this.


The exact locations of job openings change day to day.  Because most of our applicants are willing to go to many different locations, we have this one single application for all sites.   Within the application you will be able to express a preference for different parts of the country.  You can view the campgrounds we operate at www.camprrm.com.


The primary objective of the Campground Host is to provide a quality recreational experience for visitors within areas operated by Recreation Resource Management (RRM). The Campground Host will implement nearly all operation tasks required within their assigned campground or area. This position requires the following skills and abilities: Customer service skills; manual labor abilities; communications skills; basic fee collection and writing skills. The Campground Host must enjoy working in an environment of extensive public contact, have the ability to work with minimal supervision, and be able to learn quickly and follow instructions accurately. Additionally, the Campground Host must be able to perform basic record keeping, manual labor tasks, and be willing to clean and sanitize facilities with a variety of cleaning agents and chemicals. The Campground Host must be willing to work a flexible work schedule.


  • Campground Host must possess good communications skills, demonstrate courteousness, and display a helpful attitude to all visitors, even under stressful situations.
  • The Campground Host will work under the direction of a Campground (Unit) Manager or higher, depending on the local staffing structure.
  • The Campground Host will be required to perform certain administrative tasks, and also maintain facilities and grounds.
  • These assignments include: cleaning, sanitizing and stocking of restrooms, emptying trash containers and replacing the liners, cleaning roadways and trails, cleaning campsites, picnic tables, fire rings, grills, and disposing of ashes.
  • Typical duties also include raking and grooming of sites and public areas, maintaining a litter-free facility, picking up cigarette butts, maintaining outlying areas such as trails, outposts, and rental cabins.
  • The Host must maintain a good working relationship with fellow employees, governmental agency representatives, and the visiting public.
  • The Host will register campers, collect fees, and sell certain retail items such as firewood, ice, and concession goods.
  • Hosts must process revenues and fee collection data using RRM approved forms and procedures.
  • A Host must be familiar with local points of interest, nearby facilities, and local rules and regulations.
  • Campground Hosts report problems and any unsafe or hazardous conditions as they are discovered, and will also enforce rules according to RRM customer service standards.


Campground Hosts must be familiar with all RRM and partnering agency policies and guidelines. RRM may provide a campsite that may or may not have utilities, depending on location. In situations where basic utilities are not available, an allowance may be offered for personal propane/fuel use. RRM uniform shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, ball caps, and a name tag will be provided. Compensation varies depending on assignment, location and responsibilities. Compensation is negotiated on an individual basis. RRM will provide Workman's Compensation Insurance. Campground Host is expected to be on duty during weekends, holidays, and peak visitation periods. Weekly work schedules will be worked out with local RRM management.

>>Host sites and their amenities vary greatly from campground to campground.  If you are contacted by an RRM manager about a position, make sure you understand the amenities associated with the specific position being discussed.


As a campground host, you will be fulfilling a job of public trust on public lands and providing services to visitors of all ages, including children and senior citizens, who can be quite vulnerable.  As a result, your job offer will be contingent on completing a background and DMV check.  After your offer, you will receive an email describing the process and helping you to get started. In short, you will have to electronically sign a permission form that explains your rights and then confidentially provide a few pieces of information.  Your job offer cannot proceed without completing this check, and your offer may be rescinded in certain circumstances, e.g.
  • You must have a clean DMV record for any jobs that require operating a company vehicle (DMV records typically go back 3-5 years)
  • We cannot offer employment to registered sex offenders
  • We will need to discuss with you any violent crimes on your record.  Depending on the circumstances, these may disqualify you.
  • Since you will be handling customer money, we will need to discuss with you any convictions for theft or misappropriation of funds on your record in the last 10 years.  Depending on the circumstances, these may disqualify you.
You will have full access to the same background check findings that we see.  We will not rescind your offer without discussion it with you first.  You will be given a chance to amend any false court or legal records, and our background check provider will provide you fee help in doing so.