Sr. Principal FPGA/ASIC Design Engineer

Engineering United States Thousand Oaks, CA



  • Oversees definition, design, verification, and documentation for ASIC/FPGA development
  • Analyzes architectures, evaluates design trade offs, participate in logic design, and system simulation-including module interfaces/formats for simulation 
  • Evaluates all aspects of the process flow from high-level design, synthesis to place and route, and timing and power estimation 
  • Participates in testing of the designs conducts experimental tests, and evaluates results 
  • May also review vendor capability to support development 


  • Experience defining, implementing, and validating digital systems and subsystems for high-performance digital video cameras and associated video infrastructure
  • Experience with image processing and compression technologies is a big plus
  • Strong experience with Verilog
  • Proven success in developing video/image processing, high-speed transport/networking, and/or high-speed non-volatile storage solutions is required
  • 15+ years experience with FPGA and/or ASIC design is required.
  • B.S. degree or higher in computer science, engineer, or mathematics