Engineering St. Cloud, Minnesota



The Engineer is responsible for providing engineering support to Woodcraft Division in a manner that maximizes yields, enhances production processes, improve equipment reliability and timely completion to priority plant projects.


  • Partners with the rough mills to evaluate machine parameters and develops recommendations on how to improve yields.
  • Manage selected capital expenditure projects; this could include research, negotiation, procurement, implementation, and debugging.
  • Assist plant Maintenance Departments with production line improvements and modifications that enhance productivity.
  • Manage or coordinate selected support system modification and upgrade projects; i.e., dust collection, compressed air, electrical systems, environmental, boiler.
  • Document all mechanical and electrical alterations on new or existing prints.
  • Work closely with Maintenance Departments on repair and alterations of newly developed equipment and existing equipment; may be called upon to advise Maintenance associates during emergency breakdowns.
  • Maintain up-to-date copies of present plant equipment and supports systems layouts.
  • Works closely with Quality Assurance personnel to reduce reject rates when machine design and operation is determined to be the cause.
  • Coordinate and supervise outside contractors on selected projects.
  • Prepare and adhere to budget information for selected engineering projects.


  • Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline
  • 5 years of related experienced
  • Knowledge of plant machinery and operating methods and procedures
  • Strong project management and organizational skills
  • Fundamental mechanical, electrical, and construction system knowledge
  • Ability to work with outside contractors
  • Strong knowledge of Lean manufacturing principles
  • Ability to handle multiple jobs simultaneously
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to manage and interpret large volumes of data
  • Working knowledge of AutoCAD
  • Knowledge of woodworking or related industry