Maintenance Manager

Operations Support Kent, Washington


Manage the facilities maintenance team and maintenance based activities in a world class manufacturing plant. Oversee the labor budget, capital repair budget and expense budget.  Provide strong leadership, in a safe and efficient manner to achieve established production objectives within approved budgets, company guidelines and legal requirements.


  • Develop and implement the department organizational structure, develop and motivate key personnel to ensure a high level of supervisory and technical expertise. Assure the best use of individual and group capabilities.
  • Establish budget data, labor, capital repairs and expense budgets, monitor and control spending within approved guidelines.
  • Maintain a close relationship with all maintenance functions to ensure prompt response and proper diagnosis of equipment failures using best troubleshooting practices to minimize downtime.
  • Build relationships with vendors for additional technical support and emergency response.
  • Assist departmental teams with process equipment and system challenges reviewing application for resolution or process improvement.
  • Develop required learning program for skill based enhancement for effective maintenance of all facility systems and equipment.
  • Maintain active communication with all departments, assisting with many types of projects or process improvement programs for which facilities maintenance knowledge would be critical to their success and achievement of their goal.
  • Develop and manage all predictive maintenance programs.
  • Work with all departments and outside contractor for purpose of leaseholder improvements.
  • Promote in house development of employees specific to facilities complex equipment and systems.
  • Identify areas of information gathering that are critical for data based improvements.
  • Responsible for overseeing the hazardous waste cage process and compiling data for the annual Dangerous waste report.  In addition, responsible for testing and submitting the monthly wastewater samples.
The incumbent will be responsible for managing a team of 2 or more employees at all times.  The supervisory responsibilities will include
  • Interviewing, selecting, and training employees in the appropriate job responsibilities.   This will include, coaching employees in proper job performance techniques and procedures.
  • Directing the work of employees to including setting/adjusting their rates of pay and working hours/schedules. 
  • Maintaining records on employee productivity for use in supervision or control and appraising employee’s productivity and efficiency to recommend promotions, raises or changes in status.
  • Resolve and manage any employee complaints and grievances and disciplinary issues when necessary.
  • Plan and appropriate the work among subordinate employees and determine the techniques used in work.
  • Determine the types of materials, supplies or tools to be used by other employees and controlling the flow and distribution of materials and supplies.
  • Provide for the Safety of employees and the property of the employer.
  • Working in conjunction with the respective HR Department the incumbent will make appropriate recommendations for hiring, termination, advancement and demotion of directly supervised employees.
  • Bachelor's degree in engineering preferred.
  • Seven or more year’s plastic industry experience preferred.
  • Five or more experience in a supervisory role.
  • Prior experience leading a maintenance department.