Tooling Maintenance Team Lead

Operations Tooling Kent, Washington



The Tooling Maintenance Lead will be responsible for leading a team and work with various departments in providing a fully functional tool to meet customer expectations in a quick, yet efficient manner using SPC and other resources available.


  • Sets department priorities and assign work to employees.
  • Diagnoses and corrects problems encountered running tooling on line.
  • Plans and implements Quick Change procedures and tooling modifications.
  • Works with other departments to diagnose and resolve problems.
  • Operates Bridgeport for drilling, counter-boring, milling, etc.
  • Trains employees on methods or equipment.
  • Operates ultrasonic cleaner to maintain proper tooling profile finish.
  • Completes forms or paperwork (tag lists, die requests, logbook, etc.)
  • Operate Extrudehone machine to restore profile polish in dies after production run.
  • Prepare tooling for production or testing set-up.
  • Inspect tooling for wear, damage or other discrepancy and take appropriate action.
  • Operate pressurized hot water unit to maintain calibration and conduct water pressure tests for leaks and proper flow.
  • Wire, test, install and maintain heater bands and accessories.
  • Enforces company policies and safety regulations (e.g. attendance, safety glasses)


  • Understand set-up/operation of Die/Calibration systems
  • Two years of experience working in Tooling Maintenance or Tooling Assembly.
  • Able to read and understand blue prints.
  • Familiar with OSHA safety standards and SPC.
  • Must be able to work any shift.