Program Management Analyst

Other Indianapolis, Alaska


The candidate will perform the following duties:

  • Provide planning, implementation, and schedule support to the Program Controls Branch, and support to program controls related taskers.
  • Develop and update Program Administration Policies and Processes for consideration and approval by the federal lead relating to Project Controls such as risk management, cost management, and program management reviews. These policies and processes must support the achievement of cost efficiencies and organizational and future program objectives and improvements.
  • Create new policies and update existing policies and processes in line with TRIRIGA business processes, using the established FM&E Policy Process Procedure Workflow and practices.
  • Update and execute the FM&E Quality Surveillance Plan, including developing a plan utilizing TRIRIGA to monitor project management quality for FM&E specific projects.
  • Support the Change Management Process on CBP’s SharePoint, and ensure that submitted Change Requests are complete and adequate for entry into the Change Management Process.
  • Facilitate proper routing or change requests and track all change requests in the Change Management System on CBP’s SharePoint.
  • Coordinate, maintain, and update the briefing documents for the Monthly PMR.
  • Incorporate recommendations to improve and further develop the PMR documents on a monthly basis utilizing TRIRIGA and SharePoint as it relates to cost, schedule and risk.
  • Coordinate, maintain and update monthly Completion Reports showing a list and status of projects scheduled for completion in the reporting month and Quarterly Percentage of Completion reports (Q1 ends Dec 31, Q2 ends March 30, Q3 ends June 30, Q4 ends September 30).
  • Conduct Quality Control on all Technically Complete Forms and new projects submitted in TRIRIGA within 48 hours of submission and submit quarterly review of projects completeness to comply with Facilities, Maintenance and Engineering (FM&E) directive.
  • Review and update property hierarchy information in TRIRIGA to maintain an updated portfolio; create all new TRIRIGA Portfolio records as identified and coordinated with Program Implementation; review and approve all changes made by Program Implementation to TRIRIGA Portfolio records; create all Project/Task shells in TRIRIGA; and perform QC on all Projects.
  • Update TRIRIGA Opportunity Status to ‘Planned’ when creating TRIRIGA Projects for those Opportunities; and update Opportunity Status to ‘Deferred’ at EOFY for all deferred maintenance Opportunities.
  • Enter approved Budgets and Budget Changes in TRIRIGA for Governance Board metrics.

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Minimum of Bachelors degree and 3-5 years of related experience required
  • Excellent customer relationship management skills and ability to work with diverse groups
  • Strong project management, analytical, and written skills
  • Experience analyzing processes and work flows, formulating process improvement recommendations, analyzing technical/programmatic information, and preparing high-level presentations
  • Proficient in the full suite of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project
  • Well-developed time management and schedule coordination skills

Security Clearance

  • Candidates must be able to pass a DHS Public Trust clearance