Senior Software Engineer

Engineering Eugene, Oregon


Position at Pipeworks

Essential Job Functions


  • Write code in C++, C# or Python
  • Work with commercial game engines
  • Solve complex engineering problems that may require new or novel solutions.
  • Read game design documents, and assist designers in the scoping and refinement of design
  • Design and implement entire game systems
  • Schedule, estimate, and plan tasks for entire projects
  • Locate, triage, and fix bugs
  • Collaborate with artists, designers and producers as necessary
  • Push the studio’s technology and adoption of new techniques
  • Work with studio management to meet the studio’s business goals
  • Lead large teams of engineers when required
  • Perform management functions when assigned direct reports

Qualifications/Skills Sets


  • Mastery of C++ and C#
  • Knowledge of development tools such as IDEs, debuggers, profilers, and revision control systems
  • Extensive knowledge of all facets of game development
  • Ability to manage a large team of engineers
  • Knowledge of common DCC tools used to create games (Max, Maya, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Facility with either Unity or Unreal (preferably both)
  • Must be accepted as a technical leader in their area

Demonstrated Ability To


  • Solve complex engineering problems that require multiple engineers
  • Work independently for extended periods
  • Lead large teams of engineers
  • Produce technical design documents and standards
  • Meet deadlines and ship products

Education & Experience Required


  • A BS in computer science or related field (mathematics, physics, engineering) and at least 7 years industry experience or, 10 years industry experience
  • Should have worked on multiple shipped titles on at least 2 different platforms through all phases of development