Marketing Manager

Marketing Austin, Texas


Position at Pathway Vet Alliance

Pathway Vet Alliance is now hiring a Marketing Manager to join our AMAZING team! 

Job Summary: 

The Manager, GP Marketing (MGP) is the liaison between Pathway general practices and the marketing department. The primary goal for this position is to build relationships with Pathway’s general practices and address their marketing needs. Additionally, the MGP is responsible for training and managing the GP Marketing Associates and Specialists.

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Develop and oversee the relationship between Pathway Marketing Support Office and its general practices
  • Develop annual marketing plan for each clinic under the MGP supervision
  • Implement and deliver national campaigns as outlined by the leadership team
  • Implement and deliver local campaigns as needed
  • Address, manage, and resolve marketing tickets for the clinics under the MGP supervision
  • Address, manage, and resolve general marketing tickets as needed
  • Work closely with practice managers, hospital administrators, and medical directors to implement the General Practice marketing plan
  • Help as needed with marketing initiatives
  • Consult with GPs about campaign requirements and objectives
  • Monitor and chase work progress
  • Meet monthly with the hospitals’ leadership teams to review their marketing efforts, goals, and spending
  • Meet monthly with the Regional Operation Managers to ensure alignment between marketing and ops and to discuss GPs’ performance
  • Prepare monthly reporting on key metrics

 Education and Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or related fields
  • A commitment to outstanding client service
  • Solid understanding of marketing principles
  • Knowledge and experience in current online marketing strategies, including SEM, SEO, online reputation management, and social media management
  • Ability to provide coaching, and direct the Practice managers to achieve the goals of the company as described by the VP of Operations, CSO, CMO, and/or the CEO of Pathway
  • The ability to lead a team and hold people accountable for their actions and performance (when applicable)
  • Well-developed communications & interpersonal skills, conflict management resolution skills and the ability to provide timely and consistent feedback
  • Ability to monitor and measure performance and prepare team with skills required to keep moving to the next level of organizational development
  • Ability to anticipate operational weaknesses and create, direct and implement solutions for correction
  • Skills in accomplishing tasks in a timely manner through formal and informal direction
  • Ability to effectively handle stressful situations
  • Knowledge and experience in managing multi-location companies
  • Translating vision and strategic thinking into measurable action
  • Business knowledge including the ability to analyze and utilize reports and data to affect positive change in each practice
  • Operations leadership, management, and effectiveness
  • Passion for pets and their health and well-being 
  • Preferred: 3+ years’ experience in account management

Why work at Pathway Vet Alliance?
Pathway Vet Alliance is a veterinary hospital ownership and management support company that currently has more than 200 hospitals in our group. We promote an emotionally intelligent, positive culture that enables our team members to achieve their career vision and goals. Our support office team embodies our core values as we carry in our daily tasks. We are proud to be at the top of the industry with our robust benefits package offerings.

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