Group Copy Supervisor

Creative New York, New York


PALIO. There's nothing “good” to see here. From our point-of-view, good ideas have quietly become a commodity.

Great ones, on the other hand, seep into the world and rearrange the context through which the world is viewed. That’s why our core value is our core belief which is our core mission: Do the great thing. Nothing more, nothing less. We are an ad agency that has chosen to ignite the way health is cared for. Good simply doesn’t get that done. You have to ignite minds in bold and beautifully disruptive ways.



The right word is worth a 1,000 pictures.


Therefore the person who can select the right one(s) is all powerful, all the time.

He or she can choose to take you high or low, make you warm or indifferent, hurt you, help you, or ignite you. 


Copy. Copy. Copy. It’s something we put up on a pedestal here at PALIO and anoint as a true creative art. Yes, even in healthcare, copy can, and in fact must, achieve momentous things. It’s one of the few ways we can inject idealism into this industry beset by the realism of regulatory. Mere words some say. Others say different. What say you?


What exactly are we looking for?


We’re looking for a copywriter well-versed in the world of health and wellness. A writer who wants to own projects of all sizes while always keeping a close eye on the big picture. The ideal candidate gets just as excited about presenting a creative concept as they do about presenting a sales aid. But of course, it’s not all about the manuscripts, the annotating, and the clinical data. At the core of every copywriter here at Palio is a creative spark just waiting to ignite.


If the above paragraph sounds nothing like you but everything like who you want to be, we want to hear from you too. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? As long as your bursting with creative energy and have a strong interest or passion for science, we should talk.