Senior Medical Editor

Editorial New York, New York


PALIO. There's nothing good to see here. From our point-of-view, good ideas have quietly become a commodity.

Great ones, on the other hand, seep into the world and rearrange the context through which the world is viewed. That’s why our core value is our core belief which is our core mission: Do the great thing. Nothing more, nothing less. We are an ad agency that has chosen to ignite the way health is cared for. Good simply doesn’t get that done. You have to ignite minds in bold and beautifully disruptive ways.


For PALIO Editorial, the great is the enemy of the good.

Achieving great work is a team sport here. And PALIO editors are team leaders. Passive and reactive are not in the job description.

The givens are: You have 3 to 5 years of experience in pharma advertising. You are a focused and meticulous editor and fact checker and a sensitive copy editor. You know your AMA and your FDA.

But can you partner? Collaborate? Motivate? Teach? Shepherd? Can you bring a strong and steady voice to the conversation? Do you want to?


If you agree that great is the only point worth making—come home.