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Thank you for exploring Overlake Medical Center as a place to practice nursing. At Overlake, we are fortunate to have a healthy work environment distinguished by a collaborative interdisciplinary team and approach to care.

Overlake nurses are committed to excellence every day. Nurses at Overlake have a strong voice in the practice of nursing care through our shared governance model at Clinical Care Congress.

We have a vibrant new graduate nurse program and career advancement for all nurses through our internships for specialty care units.

Overlake acknowledges the special work of nurses through our DAISY Award Program. To learn more, click on the following links:

Nursing Video 1 Nursing Video 2 Nursing Video 3

Clinical Care Congress


Are you passionate about providing quality care?  Do you feel you want to provide input to improve care for patients and the environment for staff? If so, welcome to Clinical Care Congress at Overlake Medical Center.  We have used the Shared Governance model for over 25 years. We are committed to fostering an environment that facilitates professional and personal growth while achieving organizational goals in a manner that develops and utilizes decision making and accountability of staff at all levels.

Our current model consists of the Executive Committee which is co-chaired by an elected President and the Chief Nursing Officer, the chairs of our 4 committees as well as manager and director leadership, the Vice-President, Publications Editor and Professional/ancillary staff.

House-wide committees are:

  • Professional Development:  Promoting, encouraging and recognizing professional accomplishment (education, recognition, recruitment and retention).
  • Patient Experience:  Promoting the best patient and family experience
  • Policy and Process: promoting optimal patient care and safety for patients, families and staff
  • Quality, Practice and Patient Safety:  Promoting consistence of nursing practice and care to ensure patient safety

Service Lines were implemented to get representation from all units with the goal to promote staff engagement, integrate common projects amongst similar units, and increase transparency of all work through two-way communications from the service lines to the House-wide committees to the Executive Committee and back. Our Service lines are: 

  • Cardiac/Critical Care
  • Med-Surg
  • Childbirth Center
  • Surgical

Our Vision: Clinical Care Congress will integrate with hospital strategic goal and initiatives by partnering with leadership and ensuring two way communications. We will provide the voice and expertise of the bedside caregiver for identified projects, initiatives and rapid sequence work focused around the care needs of the patient.

Nurse Residency Program

As a recent graduate, you might be wondering which new graduate, transition-to-practice, residency program is right for you.


Overlake’s New Graduate RN residency program focuses on professional practice and does not repeat what was learned during academic studies. We are proud to partner with Vizient to provide a comprehensive, evidenced based, full year program that consists of two phases.

  • Phase one is the "Precepted" phase where you participate in an intense orientation which includes seminars customized to meet your individual learning needs. You are also provided preceptors who guide you from Advanced Beginner to Competent, which generally takes around 12 to 14 weeks, depending on the specialty area.
  • Phase two consists of the remainder of your first year at Overlake. This phase transforms you into an independent, competent staff nurse while still participating in monthly four hour seminars and a group Evidence Based Practice project.

For more information about Vizient please click HERE.

Graduating nursing students and new nurses who have been licensed within the last year are eligible. Please check our Job Postings and search for RN Residency to apply.

Philosophy of Nursing

Overlake nurses have the opportunity to influence, impact and affect change with every caring relationship. We recognize the spirit and healing power within every nurse.



Overlake nurses are privileged to partner with our patients, families and the community we serve.  We engage in these relationships with compassion, integrity, mutual respect and pride.


We believe nursing is both an art and a science.  Every life we touch will experience the essence of caring through human connection and professional excellence by our world class nursing team.


Our patients are the center of the health care team. The presence of a caring relationship with patients and their families, colleagues and self is essential for the health and wellbeing of those we serve. We integrate the holistic needs of the patient with innovative and evidence-based practice.


We strive to be with our patients in the moment, in an effort to know, understand and respect their life experiences. We honor a patient’s right to participate in care decisions; and facilitate this through Patient Centered Care. We recognize the power of teamwork; we respect and depend on all disciplines to assist us in meeting the patient’s goals.

We foster a culture that values, nurtures and recognizes clinical expertise, leadership, and shared governance.  We embrace the importance of life-long learning by demonstrating personal and professional accountability to self, our patients, their families and our community.  We promote a nursing practice environment that attracts and retains highly qualified nurses.

Overlake nurses support the Mission and Vision of Overlake Medical Center through a Philosophy of Nursing based on Jean Watson’s Humanistic Caring Theory and Patient and Family Centered Care.

  • Bariatric Surgery Excellence Award 2018
  • Joint Replacement Excellence Award 2018
  • Neurosciences Excellence Award 2018
  • Gold Seal
  • Pulmonary Care Excellence Award 2018
  • Stroke Care Excellence Award 2018
  • American's 100 Best Stroke Care 2018
  • 2017 Community Health Leadership Award
  • A Fall 2017 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade
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