Radiology Specialist

Physician Al Ain, United Arab Emirates


Position at Oasis Hospital

The Radiology Specialist makes and interprets diagnostic images; performs special procedures; manages radiological services.


  • Education: Medical doctor degree with specialization course in radiology
  • Duration and type of Experience: Minimum 3 years' related experience post qualification.
Clinical responsibilities
  • Makes and interprets diagnostic images.
  • Reviews requests for x-ray, nuclear radiology, ultrasound, and other diagnostic imaging procedures, and determines applicability of requested procedures.
  • Interview patients as necessary, and records supplementary data.
  • Instructs radiologic personnel in desired techniques, positions, and projections.
  • Interprets images and confers with medical and dental officers regarding diagnoses of cases.
  • Prepares comprehensive interpretive reports of findings.
  • Performs special procedures.
  • Recommends and performs special imaging procedures, including, ultrasound, with limitations of available resources and expertise.
  • Determines need for referral of cases that are not within local capability.
  • Performs and interprets procedures, and prepares comprehensive interpretive report of findings.
  • Manages radiological services.
  • Formulates plans and procedures for radiological services. Coordinates radiological services with other medical activities. Determines capability of available resources, and advises regarding future needs.
  • Assures adequate quality control of images.
  • Establishes and enforces standards for protection of patients and personnel.
  • Schedules examinations and assigns radiologic personnel. Advises on kind and quantity of radiological supplies and equipment.
  • Participates in the delivery of graduate medical education in radiology. Serves as consultant in radiology.
Work Schedule:
  • Weekly 48 hours as contracted.
  • To participate in a clinical schedule that embraces extended hours actual start/finish times to be worked in accordance with the published roster.
Clinical/Technical Competencies:
  • The Radiology Specialist will be required to complete the SAT program as well as attend any computer sessions and/or training courses as appropriate for services within Oasis Hospital.
  • Develop and maintain high standards of competency in skills, knowledge, acquired attitudes and behavior and shall work within current legislative and employers’ frameworks.
  • Actively engage in learning in a constant process of development through the integration of Continuing Professional Development in your day to day practice. CME is a requirement for Renewal of DOH License