Clinical Call Center Nurse - Oak Brook, IL

Medical/Healthcare Oakbrook, Illinois


At Oak Street Health Nurses are an integral member of our Care Teams. This nurse effectively extends our care team outside of regular clinic hours, addressing patient’s medical, social, and psychological needs, via the phone and other future technologies such as telemedicine.

Together our teams are responsible for providing and coordinating care for an intimate panel of patients in our neighborhoods. While the typical primary care panel in the U.S. is around 2,500 patients for a single physician, our panels at Oak Street Health are around 500-750 for a team. This creates an opportunity to spend more time with patients, build deeper relationships, and to better execute/coordinate care plans.

Central call center nurses are based at our contact center in Oak Brook.  We partner with a network of elite specialists and hospitals for specialty and acute care. As such, our Nurses, with our doctors, focus exclusively on care within the clinic: primary care, care coordination, and population health.