Radial Project Director (4927)

Executive Management Charlottesville, Virginia


Employer:          National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Position:             RADIAL Project Director
Location:            520 Edgemont Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903
Duties: Use strong writing and oral communication skills, high level of computer and web-based competency, and knowledge of and experience with project management and executive-level functioning, to lead/coordinate NRAO's Broader Impact activities, including responsibility for leading the NRAO Radio Astronomy Data Imaging & Analysis Lab (RADIAL) project through its development phase to locate a large data center that will support education and research infrastructure at a consortium of universities. Serve as the primary point of contact between the RADIAL project and its various constituencies. Direct the project from its current conceptual stage through the proposal implementation stage. Design and manage the large initiative, identify stakeholders, build collaborations, create and manage documentation, etc.
Write and distribute among stakeholders, reports and presentations that describe the project and project components, and generate collaborative buy-in. Prepare proposal(s) to appropriate funding agency(ies) to fund RADIAL. Identify, recruit, and develop appropriate collaborative relationships across national and international organizations. Supervise project personnel at partner university(ies). Coordinate with other National and International Non-traditional Exchange (NINE) hubs in support of the multiple areas of collaborative research opportunities for university scientists and researchers. Oversee and direct the NINE Program summer program by ensuring efficient program management and overseeing program recruitment efforts. Coordinate outreach and broader impact efforts related to Next-Generation Very Large Array (ngVLA) to partners institutions. Supervise a Curriculum Specialist.
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, in journalism, communications, or related field plus ten years of relevant experience in project management and public engagement in the scientific community, reflecting demonstrable ability in the skill set described above.  Skill set does not need to be maintained for the full term of required experience.