Assistant Scientist/CS (4744)

Computers/Software Charlottesville, Virginia


Employer:          National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Position:             Assistant Scientist/Computer Science

Location:            520 Edgemont Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Duties: Use knowledge of and experience with C++ and Python programming language, radio interferometry synthesis imaging algorithms and data structures, and high-performance parallel computing to design, develop, and maintain the code base for radio interferometer data reduction and analysis for the Common Astronomy Software Applications (CASA) package as a scientific staff member of the CASA team. Responsible for all aspects of the software engineering lifecycle from requirements derivation through design, development, and integration into telescope operations. Develop new radio interferometer data reduction algorithm implementations as needed by new scientific objectives. Maintain existing algorithm implementations in support of ongoing telescope operations and research endeavors. Evolve CASA code base to be modern, lean, efficient, and well understood. Build and maintain data processing and analysis software infrastructure necessary to load and store data reduction inputs and outputs. Operate in a team environment with scientific staff. Take ownership of a subset of functionality and provide technical direction, decision-making, and subject matter expertise in that area with limited guidance or specific direction.  Perform independent research as a scientific staff member.

Requirements: Ph.D., or equivalent, in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science. Required skills and knowledge of tools and technology may be acquired through academic research work.