“ I never find myself in a space where I think I have all of the answers or that I have to have all of the answers. There are people here that I can collaborate with who are serious intellectuals, and they are people who care about the same things I care about-who understand the ramifications that our work has on our students' lives. ”

Anaya Mustafaa, Noble Street College Prep

The Noble Network of Charter Schools is committed to cultivating a culture of high expectations and success among students and teachers alike. Our rigorous application process reflects that commitment. Noble seeks to recruit passionate educators who can provide top-quality education in a supportive learning environment.

Interested in applying to work at Noble? Below are some tips to guide you through the process.


  • Check our current openings to see what positions are available.
  • Prepare your answers to our short answer questions in a separate document for saving and editing purposes.
  • Identify three to five references and make sure you have their contact information.
  • Optional: Attend a virtual information session (details here)

Short Answer Questions

In the application, you will be asked the following short answer questions.
You may respond to them in any format you prefer (list, paragraph, etc.).

  • What are the top three reasons you want to work at Noble? (150 words or less)
  • In your most recent professional role, what is/was your number one goal and why?
    • Describe your progress toward meeting this goal.

Next Steps

  • A member of Noble’s Talent Team will carefully review your application and be in touch with next steps.
    • Although less than 5% of educators who apply to Noble ultimately receive an offer to work at Noble, each application received will get a personal review.
  • Please contact careers@noblenetwork.org with any questions.

We ask that, out of respect for the hiring process, you refrain from contacting specific campuses prior to receiving an interview.

For more information, please review Noble’s Guide to Hiring. We genuinely appreciate your interest in Noble.

“ At Noble, people want to go above and beyond for each other. ”

Janelle Brown, Hansberry College Prep

“ Our staff and school culture is highly positive. It’s full of joy in a real way for both staff and students. ”

Casandra Pagni, Baker College Prep

“ I’m challenged and supported in doing what I love every day. ”

Kate Comey, Hansberry College Prep

“ We are given the resources we need to be successful. ”

Ben Gunty, Noble Street College Prep

“ At Noble, you will be surrounded by some of the most motivated people you’ll ever meet. ”

Steven Denza, Speer Academy

“ Noble is a place where you get to directly see the results of the work you put in. ”

Charles Rosentel, Muchin College Prep

“ I love that I can just teach. Every day I wake up and want to come to work. The kids are amazing. ”

John Madonna, Muchin College Prep

“ Working at Noble feels like fighting on the winning team with resources and teammates that are moving the dial towards educational equity. ”

Annie Krieg, Gary Comer College Prep

“ You are pushed every single minute to become a better version of yourself. When I compare that to other teaching experiences I’ve had, the support from leadership and the larger network is what I was missing. ”

JuDonne Hemingway, Butler College Prep

“ If you are looking for a work environment that will challenge you professionally; provide you with skills you can apply outside of teaching; and give support for teachers and students then Noble is the place for you. ”

Anthony Hendrix, Rowe-Clark Math and Science Academy

“ My favorite thing about working at Noble is that it has pushed me professionally in ways I haven’t been pushed before. I’ve grown more in the past 2-and-a-half years that I’ve been here than in any other position I’ve had before. ”

Jodimae Lyttle, Math Teacher at Hansberry College Prep

The Environment

The Environment

The Environment
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The Work

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The People

The People

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