The Noble Network of Charter Schools

Manager of Student Services (2018-19 School Year)

III. Network Support Chicago, Illinois


Starting as one school in 1999, the Noble Network of Charter Schools (Noble) has grown to serve over 10,000 students from 70 different communities at 17 separate campuses in Chicago.  Noble operates Chicago’s highest performing open-enrollment campuses (based on ACT.)  Over the next few years, Noble’s strategic plan is to expand to more than 20 campuses and serve roughly 20% of all high school students in Chicago.

Noble’s continued improvement relies on our ability to protect and promote a culture of innovation.  Whatever the speed or model of growth, we aim to create an environment where campuses can continue to challenge and redefine the “traditional” Noble model; create an environment where our principals have the autonomy to redefine classrooms, rethink the use of space, time, resources, etc.; an environment where principals have the ability to introduce and test new ideas, curriculum, and instruction.

In a highly autonomous model, the role of Noble’s Academic Department, specifically in the area of Student Services, is to promote a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. To date, Student Services has aimed to encourage the constant improvement of our model for ELL and Diverse Learners by 1) addressing scholars’ need through a continuum of services, 2) providing transparent, simple, actionable data, and 3) promoting a quality collaboration.  Noble’s Student Services aims to continue to pull these key levers to ensure we continue to be a leading example in the fight for quality education for our scholars.

Job Overview

We are seeking a Manager of Student Services (to start 7/1/18) that will work closely with our Director of Student Services to push for compliance and campus assistance for quality services to Noble’s English Language Learners and students with diverse learning needs. Overall, the Manager of Student Services will be tasked with providing Network professional development, promoting a culture of balanced high expectations in the areas of special education and EL programming, supporting overall compliance, and troubleshooting campus issues--ultimately advocating for what is best for scholars in order to provide them with the best post-secondary options available.

Key Network Responsibilities

  • Compliance: Use current audits and create future tools to guide our campuses’ understanding of compliance, priorities, and areas of necessary development for ELL and Special Education programs.
  • Academic Insight: Use a solid understanding of language obtainment, curriculum development, and high school content knowledge to serve as a thought partner and support campus ELL Coordinators and Case Managers in their day-to-day puzzles. 
  • Professional Development: Facilitate Network Professional Development days that effectively leverage our campus talent and promote an invigorating and perpetuating culture of sharing/collaboration—continuously improving the rigor and impact of our campuses’ curriculum, instruction, and assessment in the areas of ELL and Special Education.
  • Best Practice Dissemination: In addition to the quarterly Network Professional Development days, facilitate the dissemination of best practices by strategically highlighting and/or codifying campus practices and facilitating the community of collaboration among ELL Coordinators and Case Managers.

Required Candidate Qualifications

  • Special Education teaching experience
  • ELL teaching experiences
  • Certified teacher

Ideal Traits

  • Strong background of classroom management and academic success for all learners
  • A proactive self-starter with the ability to multitask, establish and rearrange priorities, and maintain focus
  • Relentless results-orientation
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a wide range of constituents
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Great ability to handle and mediate conflict.
  • Unwavering determination to do whatever it takes to help our students succeed
  • LBS 1 certified
  • ESL endorsement and/or Bilingual
  • 4+ years of classroom experience preferred
  • Willingness to travel between campuses


Noble provides competitive salaries depending on candidate qualifications.  We also provide health, dental, life and disability insurance; 401k contributions; and vacation and sick leave.

Be Noble.

Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis.

The Noble Network of Charter Schools Is An Equal Opportunity Employer.